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ADS – Automatic Door Specialists – Can Get You Up to Speed

Do you have a workplace entrance (interior or exterior) that requires accelerated opening/closing cycles? Many industries do have such a need and are searching for good solutions. When managing foot or cart traffic through clean rooms or other areas with critical temperature and air quality requirements, a high-speed, high-performance door is almost certainly your best answer. These doors will help you maintain high product quality while achieving optimal workflow and bottom-line productivity.

Businesses that balance the seemingly contradictory needs of steady traffic flow with critical insulation or isolation requirements have many good options with a range of high-speed Steel garage door for Industrial or commercial. From biotech, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical companies to warehousing (especially for companies with major refrigeration needs), loading docks, car washes, and car dealerships, these doors are an increasingly vital element of success for many businesses. They are rapidly becoming indispensable for companies looking to comply with USDA, FDA, and CGMP standards.

In addition to their high-tech efficiency, these doors are designed with many safety features and are reliably smooth, quiet and unobtrusive. With sensors that automatically trigger an opening/closing cycle that may run as quickly as 2-4 seconds, they become entrances that are open only for the very brief moments they are being passed through. There are models with a plastic curtain-like design and others that look more like a traditional roll-up door. They can be fitted to almost any entrance and adapted for almost any use.

At Automatic Door Specialists, we are ahead of the growth curve in mastering the technical skills, providing the expertise, and responding to the growing needs in this specialized field. Industry leaders such as Raynor, Rytec, Dynaco, TMI, and Goff all provide different options and we can help you choose what’s best for your situation. Whether you are in CarlsbadPoway, Sorrento Valley, Otay Ranch or any of San Diego’s many diverse communities Automatic Door Specialists can help you decide if this technology is a good match for your business. We’ll be glad to walk you through the full range of choices, and explore the surprising versatility of these high-speed, high-performance doors.

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