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El NIño Has Arrived in San Diego – Keep Your Gates From Becoming Floodgates

With the strongest El Niño yet recorded now generating storms with heavy rain and strong winds, you will want to check the operational readiness for all your gates, both electronic gates and even manually operated ones. If you are thinking of adding an electronic gate, this may be an excellent time to consider having one installed.

Coming home late in the evening in a driving rainstorm with a vehicle full of kids or groceries (or both) is not the time you want to experience failure in your gated entry system. At Automatic Door Specialists, we understand the need to make sure your gates operate smoothly, flawlessly, and dependently. If you have any uncertainties or nagging concerns, don’t wait for a failure before calling us.

Some important things to look for:

  • Does your gate’s remote work consistently, without delay or interruption?
  • Does the gate slide open smoothly and quietly, without drag or stutter?
  • Does the keypad on your driveway gate operate flawlessly, every time?
  • Are there signs of damage or corrosion on any of the moving parts?
  • Do the gate or gate posts show signs of water damage, or shifting out of alignment because of flooding?
  • Are any of the electronics exposed to the weather, or have they been subjected to flooding, even temporarily?
  • Does your side gate align well, and open without scraping or dragging?
  • Are there signs of insect damage? (Even snails can cause electrical problems.)

Any of these problems, or other garage door repair in La Jolla or driveway gate concerns, should be addressed before the next big storm. We’ll gladly answer your questions, over the phone where possible. Ask about our El Niño Service Special – now $20 off your service call, from now through the end of March. Call 858-266-9563 and just say “El Niño Special!” We’ll get to you right away.