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Glass Overhead Doors for Restaurants and Bars

These amazingly popular automatic glass sectional “doors” have revolutionized the sidewalk cafe ambiance of Southern California dining – and ADS has been at the forefront.

Many local dining and drinking establishments have been transformed by the addition of floor-to-ceiling motorized overhead glass doors that can in moments raise up to create an open-air dining experience. The basic design is increasingly common in residential garage doors, but has much wider applications, and is also used for partitioned office spaces and entryways, gyms, even car repair services. Modified versions work wonderfully as serving counter windows.

You’ve likely come to this page because you’re interested in making your restaurant or bar a more versatile, exciting, “hip” place for your patrons… and more profitable for you. You understand that the ambiance – the look, feel and even sound of your eatery – may be as important as the food and service. The sum total of the dining “experience” is the bottom-line indicator of success in a highly competitive market. Our answer, in short: glass overhead doors can help you create a competitive edge in diner satisfaction.

Automatic Door Specialists has for years positioned themselves as the go-to source in San Diego for these specialized doors. Want to know more about overhead doors and building codes? We have it down cold – and can advise on the best way to optimize your advantages. Have questions about foot traffic, sunlight and wind issues, and the all-important feeling of a “table for two”? We deal with these questions on a week-to-week basis.

ADS can customize these doors to match the color scheme of your building, inside and out. The type of glass can make a difference as well – north- or south-facing storefronts will likely have different requirements. Do you already have sidewalk dining, or are you looking to create that from scratch? When we sit down and talk these things through with our clients, creative possibilities emerge, and unforeseen issues are both raised and resolved.

Each restaurant has its own unique set of opportunities and challenges, and we can help you discover the most effective ways to use overhead glass doors to maximize the former and minimize the latter. Unique America’s Cup Village building leased as a bar (see photos) showcases the creative possibilities of overhead doors by taking full advantage of the spectacular views and gentle sea breezes. The ADS installation flows seamlessly with the design and character of the building and the place itself – as though it were planned by the original architect.

Give us a call today at 858-266-9563 to set up an on-site evaluation of your needs. You’ll be ahead in the game just by talking.

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