At ADS, Every Month Is Garage Door Safety Month

Each June there is a national awareness event headlined as “National Safety Month,” sponsored by the National Safety Council. The Garage Door industry takes that a step further with Garage Door Safety Month, to emphasize the need to properly maintain your garage door and all of its moving parts. This is not simply self-promotion (OK, maybe a little bit) but a key emphasis that garage doors, while easy to ignore when they are working well, can become major problems […]

Automated Driveway Gate Operator

Automated Driveway Gate Operator Models Older Than 2000 Should Be Replaced, Not Repaired

The reason is simple and unavoidable: The older models lack safety features required by DASMA (The Door and Access Manufacturer’s Association). Beginning in March, 2000 two “entrapment protection devices” such as photoelectric sensors that reverse or stop when the light beam is interrupted, have been standard parts of a vehicular gate operation system. Prior to that, these advanced safety protections were not available. This industry standard is identified as UL325, and Automatic Door Specialists adheres to the rules, as […]


Overhead Garage Doors San Diego

The major transition from the traditional “tilt-up” garage door to the sectional, automated overhead garage door has pretty well run its course, but many of the first-generation overhead doors are now aging and becoming obsolete. If your garage door has been in use for roughly 15 years or more, it may be a good time to consider updating and upgrading to a new door that will generally be lighter but more durable, better insulated, quieter, safer and “smarter” than […]

Warning Signs: Your Garage Door May Be Telling You Something

Warning Signs: Your Garage Door May Be Telling You Something
It’s interesting how invisible doors can become, when we pass through so many over the course of a day. Garage doors are no exception. As large and heavy as they are, and as critical as they may be to our homes, they tend to fall into the “ignore until broken” category. (more…)

Garage Door Parts: A Prelude to Garage Door Service – Automatic Doors Specialists

The garage is a part of the house which is sometimes taken for granted since it’s not an actual area for doing home living. But let us not forget that this is a place we mostly use for storage—storage of important stuff like our car and power tools, and old keepsakes. This is why it is also the reason why we need to pay attention to the type of garage door that we have and also, to know which […]

Is an Annual Garage Door Inspection by an ADS Specialist Really Needed?

If you’re reading this blog, it may be because you’re not quite convinced the answer is “yes”, but you’re interested in looking at some objective pointers that make you a better informed homeowner. At Automatic Door Specialists, we have that conversation on a daily basis. Let’s consider a few basic points that may help you make a confident decision.
Can spending a little (on annual garage door and gate inspections) save you a lot? We all know preventive medicine via […]

ADS Plays All the Angles in Garage Door Installation

The owner of this San Diego home desired to upgrade his garage door and improve his property’s curb appeal – the kind of request ADS responds to on a daily basis, and for good reason. A garage door upgrade can give a ROI (return on investment) in excess of 100% – one of the best investments in home improvement a homeowner can make. This project, though, brought some interesting challenges. The sharply angular architecture, with a 15-degree slope to […]