Garage Door Opener Automation – Backs Up Your Security

Garage doors are large enough to accommodate automobiles and other vehicles. They are manually opened, or motor operated. Modern garage doors are not only elegant and sleek, but most require, by law, a power backup option. A fashionable, stylish, and robust aluminum garage door could add instant curb appeal and add value to your home. A perfect garage door should enable you to get in or out of your garage within the shortest time possible in cases of emergency. […]

Protect Your Garage Door for Hail Damage

In the year 2016 hail was reported to have caused damage that was worth more than $2 billion, the highest in American history. At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, we are committed to making sure that you do not incur any hail related losses. As San Diego’s premier garage door store, our services are synonymous with garage door repair San Diego.
How We Rescue California Garage Doors From Hail Damage
At ADS Automatic Door Specialists we service all types of garage doors. […]

Understanding Garage Door Springs

Like a lot of people, you might not have given a lot of thought to the springs of your garage door. You will only start looking for a solution when there is an obvious problem. The oversight doesn’t seem to make sense because the garage door springs are the most important part of the door. You shouldn’t have to wait until it is too late before you can start searching for garage door repair San Diego.
It is crucial to […]

Your Garage Door: When to Repair, When to Replace

Your Garage Door: When to Repair, When to Replace

What’s the expected lifespan of a garage door, and when should you start considering installing a new one rather than managing with tune-ups and repairs? Those are questions that often do not have simple answers. The materials and manufacture of your door are part of its longevity, as is the skill of its installation, the regularity of its maintenance, and the frequency of its use (number of opening and closing cycles) and possible abuse. Some parts will wear out […]

Garage Door Repair Service In San Diego

Battery Backup: It’s Now the Law, So Plan Ahead!

Any new garage door/opener installation in the state of California is now required to include a battery backup. The near-unanimous passage of Senate Bill 969 in 2018 was in response to the devastating wildfires in 2017 in which several frantic homeowners were unable to get their cars out of garages due to power outages, and subsequently died when flames engulfed their homes. Every automatic garage door already comes with a red emergency cord that, when pulled, frees the door […]

Garage Door Repairs

Questions to ask your specialist

We understand how important your garage door is to your daily life because when it malfunctions, getting your car in and out of the garage becomes impossible and that affects every aspect of your life. How will you get to work or take the kids to school if you can’t even get the car out of the garage? If you need garage door repairs in San Diego, we will be happy to help. 
Here are 5 questions to ask
When your […]

Finishing and Maintaining Your Garage Door: It’s More Than Skin Deep

Finishing and Maintaining Your Garage Door: It’s More Than Skin Deep

At Automatic Door Specialists, we take pride in the skill and craftsmanship with which we approach each installation. When we are entrusted with a project for an especially attractive custom door in a unique setting, which comes our way frequently, we always emphasize to the client the need to follow all the requirements for finishing the door, whether steel, wood, or even a modern synthetic material. If they hire […]

Custom wood garage door with weatherstripping

Weather Sealing Protects Your Garage Door… and Your Garage

Custom wood garage door with weatherstripping
Three ways to keep out the wind, rain and temperature extremes
Garage doors are all made with a bottom seal which, if properly installed and maintained, will help keep out water, wind, dust, and rodent pests out of your garage. Even the best seals and weatherstripping will break down over time, though regular inspection along with simple upkeep will extend that lifespan. When the bottom seal cracks, splits or is pulled out of alignment, don’t […]