How Can I Protect My Garage From Extreme Cold

Your garage is an important area of your home. There are many things that might get damaged if they are not protected well from the low temperatures of winter such as your car, pipes, lawnmower, and many other valuable things. Keeping your garage in excellent condition will avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses.  If you think you might need to find garage door repair San Diego residents can trust, you can contact the Automatic Door Specialists for this task. Here are some recommendations that you can follow to make your garage weatherproof. 

Inspect Your Garage

In every part of the house, it is necessary to inspect your garage to make sure everything is in good condition. You need to organize it and make sure the windows and doors are working well. It is also necessary to check the walls and ceilings. If all is well, then you will avoid many problems.  

Check the Weather-Stripping

Weather-stripping makes sure that there is no space between the opening and the garage door. The seal needs to be in optimum condition to protect your home. There are signs that show that weather-stripping is in bad condition such as cracks and dryness. Replacing your old weather-strips will prevent cold drafts from entering your home. This is a more expensive way to protect your home from the cold temperature and will help your door work well for a long time. 

Upgrading the Heat Retention of your Garage

You can help increase the retention of heat in your garage by adding an extra defense. This can be done by attaching boards of foam or even fiberglass batt to the ceiling or walls. This will definitely keep out the cold from your garage. Insulation is a great method to keep your garage warm. It has many benefits such as reducing the noise that enters your home and it will also help you reduce the utility bills. If your home is not insulated correctly then you will suffer from cold temperatures directly. 

Change the Garage Door

A garage door that does not provide insulation to your home is also a change you might consider making. There are models of doors that help insulate your home much better. They are so effective that they can increase the temperature by several degrees. It will prevent your car from freezing and getting damaged. It also helps avoid the liquids that travel around your home from getting frozen.  

Install a Heater

A heater is also a great option. There are many types of heaters out there. You can choose an electric heater or a gas heater. Both of them work very well. The idea is to keep the garage as warm as possible and this will protect your valuable belongings, especially the metal ones. It is cheaper to invest in protection than invest in replacing your car or pipes. 


There are many things that you can do to protect your garage and home. For more interesting articles like this, please visit We are the door specialists that you can count on. 



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