Your garage door shields your belongings from the weather and keeps them safe from strangers, also giving you the benefit of privacy. The garage door also provides a convenient way to enter and exit your garage. When deciding on a new garage door for your San Diego home, you’ll need one that will provide safety, security, and visual appeal. Additionally, you will need to decide the material type, design, and color you want in your garage door. Aluminum doors provide many benefits, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces.

1. Durability and Longevity

Aluminum is a sturdy and durable material compared to some other options. Some garage door materials are not as rigid and strong as aluminum and can be damaged more easily. Aluminum is also resistant to corrosion, meaning that your new door will not rust and will last longer than some made from other materials. Steel garage doors may rust over time, and wood doors tend to expand and warp. An aluminum door gives you greater stability and longevity than other materials.

2. Low Maintenance

Aluminum garage doors withstand typical use and weather conditions with excellent and lasting results. This durability and strength lowers the maintenance required to keep your aluminum door in good working condition. Aluminum doors are easy to clean with a garden hose or cloth. These doors do not need any protective coatings or preventative sealing materials. Your aluminum door requires no maintenance other than routine inspection and tune-ups.

3. Weather Resistant

Aluminum doors stand strong and sturdy against all kinds of weather. Your aluminum door can handle extreme heat and cold without warping. Rain, snow, and other moisture are no problem for aluminum garage doors. Steel doors are at risk for rust and corrosion over time from weather, while wood doors may rot or warp after being exposed to moisture over a prolonged time. Aluminum doors are not affected by the weather. Additionally, aluminum will not be damaged by salty sea air as some other materials, making them a perfect fit for your San Diego home.

4. Eco-Friendly

Aluminum is a recyclable material. Although your aluminum garage door may last you decades, you can feel good knowing that the material can be recycled and used for another purpose when it’s time for a replacement. When you choose aluminum for your new garage door, you’ll receive a great material while contributing to the environment.

5. Lightweight

Aluminum is a lightweight material, which makes handling your new garage door much easier. Initially, you may not think much about the weight of your door, but it’s an important consideration. Having a lightweight door can lower costs associated with installation and repairs. The lighter weight of your garage door may also help extend the life of the other components of your automatic garage door system. A lightweight door puts less pressure and stress on the springs, tracks, and motor. Less stress on the other parts of your automatic door system may help you avoid repairs down the road. Additionally, if you lose power or your automatic system malfunctions, you can manually open an aluminum door more easily than those made of heavier materials.

6. Easy Installation

Although you won’t be installing the door yourself, you can appreciate the ease of installation for aluminum garage doors. Our garage door experts can install your new door much more quickly when it is made of aluminum thanks to the lightweight design. Quicker garage door installation means we’ll spend less time in your garage and be out of your way quicker than if you’d chosen a heavier material for your door. You can also save some of your hard-earned cash on labor costs associated with installation. We can maneuver the aluminum door easier and have it installed much quicker, lowering the labor rates.

7. Lower Costs

Aluminum is a low-cost material that can help you stay within your budget when buying a new garage door. You’ll save money with aluminum without sacrificing quality and looks. With some materials, there’s a tradeoff to spending less money. With aluminum, you get top quality, durability, and appealing designs without breaking the bank. Additionally, your total price tag is lowered with quicker maintenance and lower maintenance needs throughout the life of your door. You’ll also save money on repairs thanks to the reduced risk of needed repairs.

8. Option to Insulate

An aluminum door is not exactly known for being insulated, but you have the option to add insulation. Adding insulation to your aluminum garage door can help keep extreme heat and cold out of your garage space. If you have a heating and cooling system installed in your garage, the insulation will help your conditioned air stay inside. Insulation is a great idea for those who spend their time in the garage working or hanging out.

9. Many Design Options

Your options are nearly endless when you choose aluminum for your garage door. Many standard aluminum garage doors come in different colors to match your home. You can also opt for a custom color if you are looking for an exact match or if you want something a little less traditional. Aluminum is a smooth, non-porous material that is easy to paint and holds color well.

Aside from the color, you can utilize different frames, finishes, and other design options for your aluminum garage door to give it a more personalized look. You can create a custom design based on the style of your home. From modern to farmhouse and everything in between, you can customize your aluminum door to complement your home using a variety of design choices. If you don’t see a door that matches what you want, be sure to ask, and we’ll make every attempt to design a door perfect for your property.

10. Available in Custom Sizes

You can find aluminum garage doors in all standard sizes to fit your garage. However, if you have a less common door size, you can have your aluminum door custom-cut to fit the opening of your garage.

Our technicians at ADS Automatic Door Specialists are ready to help you pick out a new garage door. We’ll provide you with all your options and answer any questions. We are dedicated to providing skilled and expert installation for your new garage door, ensuring you get the safety, security, and reliability you need. When we install your garage door, we will ensure it fits your garage and meets your aesthetic needs. We also handle garage door repairs and maintenance for your residential garage. Ask us about our garage door opener services too!

In addition, our door technicians provide commercial services for installation, repair, and maintenance. We offer overhead and roll-up commercial garage doors, underground parking gates and security gates that our experts can install and repair, providing full-service security for your home or business.

Choose durability and style with a new aluminum garage door for your San Diego home by calling the professionals at ADS Automatic Door Specialists today.

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