Marantec and ADS – Perfect Synergy in Garage
Door Opener Design and Installation


The garage door is the most used exterior door in a typical home, making a fully reliable and safe garage door opener a paramount question. Increasingly, knowledgeable consumers are looking at Marantec, masters of German engineering and makers of some of most sought-after garage door openers available to American homeowners. New construction and remodeling projects often specify wood, glass and double-strength insulated steel doors that are predictably heavier than light-gauge steel. This requires openers with greater horsepower and excellent longevity and reliability – while remaining quiet, safe and user-friendly.

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And this is where Marantec catches the attention of the savvy consumer – and Automatic Door Specialists wins your trust. We are San Diego’s premier source for installation and repairs of Marantec products.

With their Synergy line of garage door openers, Marantec’s engineering and craftsmanship has created a garage door opener solution that combines powerful DC motors, semi-enclosed and maintenance-free chain or belt drives, and an advanced digital operating system that provides peerless performance, year after year. Marantec’s Synergy openers are the only garage door openers available that separately monitor the operating force necessary to move the door and the sensitivity level at which the openers react to any obstructions. The largest and heaviest doors can be confidently operated at the most demanding safety standards.

If safety, security, and rugged reliability are important to you…along with extremely quiet operation…call ADS and just say: “Marantec.”

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Synergy 380 Garage Door Opener

The Synergy 380 is Marantec’s ultimate residential garage door opener. Equipped with over one full HPCS (Horse Power Comparable in Strength) of pull and push force, the Synergy 380 is the ideal opener for large, heavy-capacity needs like lifting carriage house doors or large wind-loaded doors. LED lighting and minimal stand-by consumption make the Synergy 380 the most energy-efficient residential garage door opener available in its class, while the direct current (DC) Smart Motor, coupled with a heavy-duty chain or belt drive system, ensures amazingly quiet and reliable operation. An optional integrated battery back-up system allows for the Synergy to operate even during a power outage.

Synergy 380 Garage Door Opener

Synergy 280 Garage Door Opener

Synergy 280 is Marantec’s “workhorse” residential garage door opener. One HPCS of pull and push force makes the Synergy 280 the ideal for heavy duty applications. The Synergy 280 is the most flexible residential garage door opener available, with integrated and extendable LED lighting as well as a rotatable power head. The direct current (DC) Smart Motor, coupled with a heavy-duty chain or belt drive system provides ample strength to pull doors up to 14 feet high.

Marantec Synergy 280