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ADS Garage Doors – The “S” Stands for “Specialists”

The ADS pro specialists have full, current knowledge of virtually any garage door or garage door opener you may find in San Diego – both residential and commercial. And our expertise extends to driveway entry gates, side gates, and telephone entry systems. We are the most experienced company in San Diego for existing one-piece (tilt-up) doors, capable of repairing or custom-building these vintage designs. Why is this level of pro experience so important? Two simple words: total value, spread over the life of the door. The expertise with which a garage door is installed and maintained will prove to be the value difference in the long term.

Beyond craftsmanship, ADS understands the garage doors and gates we install are integral and irreplaceable elements of your whole home. The versatility of our skills gives you the best range of options, empowering you to make the smartest home improvement decisions. Clearly, an upgraded garage door adds to the curb appeal … and resale value … of your home. Research demonstrates a return on investment for a new garage door system as high as 117% – among the highest of any home improvement.

If you are a “hands-on” person who wants to feel the merchandise and operate the controls, just call for a visit to our showroom – with working displays you can “test-drive.” Our friendly, no-pressure team will answer all your questions. Would you rather meet at your home? We’re a phone call or an email click away. When it comes to guiding you through the “ins and outs” of garage door and gate systems, you won’t find more experienced or trustworthy hands. Our quick-response fleet is there when you need us for all repairs and maintenance.

Appointments can be made in just moments through this link.

Automatic Door Specialists is truly your one-stop source for all things “garage door” – and gates, too.

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ADS Automatic Door Specialists

See and handle the actual materials and hardware, operate the doors yourself, and ask every question that’s important to you.

Operate the Doors by yourself

ADS loves a good challenge, and has completed showcase installations throughout San Diego County. But your garage – and any special requirements it involves – are just as important to us as our award-winning projects.