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ADS Garage Door Service

Our professional team has detailed knowledge of a wide range of garage doors and openers, plus gates and remotes. We are also the most experienced company in San Diego on existing one-piece doors and we can still custom build them for you. The skill with which a door is installed will prove to be the value difference in the long term.

But it goes beyond craftsmanship. At ADS we believe the garage doors and gates we install should be considered an integral element of your whole home. Our versatilty gives you more options, helping you make the smartest decision for this important home improvement. A new garage door adds to the curb appeal … and resale value … of your home. The return on investment for a quality garage door can be as high as 117% – one of the highest of any home improvement.

A visit to our showroom says it all at a glance – working displays you can “test-drive” and a friendly, service-oriented team. Or, arrange an appointment at your home so we can discuss your best solution. When it comes to choosing a new door or diagnosing problems, no one is better equipped to explain the “ins and outs” than ADS.

Make an appointment to visit our showroom – we’ll help you find the right design.

We truly are your one-stop source for all things “garage door” – and gates, too.

Garage Door Installer Truck

ADS Expert SDHG GarageDoor DUSK

See and handle the actual materials and hardware, operate the doors yourself, and ask every question that’s important to you.

Operate the Doors by yourself

ADS loves a good challenge, and has completed showcase installations throughout San Diego County. But your garage – and any special requirements it involves – are just as important to us as our award-winning projects.