Protect Your Garage Door for Hail Damage

Protect Your Garage Door for Hail Damage

In the year 2016 hail was reported to have caused damage that was worth more than $2 billion, the highest in American history. At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, we are committed to making sure that you do not incur any hail related losses. As San Diego’s premier garage door store, our services are synonymous with garage door repair San Diego.

How We Rescue California Garage Doors From Hail Damage

At ADS Automatic Door Specialists we service all types of garage doors. Whether they are flip-ups, swing-outs, roll-ups, old or new. When a client requests our service we have the latest technology, certified technicians and feet of vehicles to promptly respond to the call.

Our technicians will arrive at the customer’s premise usually in under an hour. When we arrive on-site we will offer repair estimates at no cost, which is more like a free consultation. In addition to repairing the garage door we offer the following extra services:

  • We will involve you at every step of the repair process and offering options for your choice.
  • Our technicians will lubricate all rollers and every hinge of the garage door.
  • We will check all the moving parts and ensure the door opener works properly.
  • We will balance the alignment of the customer’s garage door and ensure that it’s adjusted properly. 
  • As San Diego’s premier garage door store we prioritize safety and that’s why our technicians will always inspect every inch of the garage door for safety. This will include checking every brace and bolt.

Service warranty for our San Diego clients

Among what we do apart from repairing is matching your home’s motif to the repaired garage door. Our services come with certain warranties and guarantees which include:

  • No hidden charges whatsoever. 
  • Better prices than big stores.
  • Diverse and quality choice of doors and openers from reputable brands.
  • Free repair estimates. 
  • Promotions and specials from manufacturers. 
  • A wealth of experience as we have been serving San Diego since 1979.


Preventive measures in case of a hail storm

Damages caused by a hail storm are usually expensive to repair. That is why it is important to avoid huge expenses by doing the following to protect a garage door from hail.

Use a Surge Protector

This protector guards the garage door opener against malfunctioning in case it comes in contact with water during a hail storm. At ADS Automatic Door Specialists we are well-equipped to install a surge protector that is customized for your specific garage door. We can provide a brand-new garage door opener to ensure that the garage door will not fail in the middle of a hail storm.

Avoiding Rust

Rust makes a garage door structurally weak and when a hail storm hits, the damages will become more expensive. We recommend painting the exterior of the garage door with latex-based paint that is external grade. This will prevent any likely development of rust. 

Garage door owners should periodically check the springs, wheels, and rails for any signs of rust. White vinegar will remove rust when it is applied to the garage door’s affected parts. 

Repairing garage doors in San Diego is a complicated process that can either be done by an expert or the owner. However, hail-related damages become expensive when not carried out properly. To learn more about maintaining an efficient garage door visit for more information. 

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