Carriage House garage door from ADS
Enduring Quality and Timeless Design

Consider enhancing your home’s value with a custom wood garage door from Carriage House Door Company. With distinctive period styles, Carriage House combines old-world design with state-of-the-art technology to replicate beautiful, period-style doors that complement both new construction and tasteful retrofit.
Carriage House garage doors are carefully crafted to your specifications, and are made from the finest materials. Exceptional workmanship, superior woods and professional hardware are the unwavering standards of Carriage House, ensuring long-lasting beauty, reliable performance, and low maintenance.
Carriage House has manufactured custom wood doors for over 30 years. Through its extensive network of dealers, homeowners, architects, and builders, it produces the industry’s finest carriage doors, ensuring each design is the perfect fit to enhance the beauty and value of your home, with the modern conveniences of overhead sectionals and electronic openers. Carriage House even has doors wind load tested and certified for coastal areas with higher humidity.

Design Options

Every Carriage House garage door is unique. Choose from templates of traditional designs and specific periodstyles, or create a design that’s yours alone. You can select from vertical grain clear western red cedar, tight knot incense cedar, mahogany, vertical grain douglas fir, or clear heart redwood — when you choose a wooden door. Customize further with finishes and decorative hardware — down to the smallest detail.

Decorative Hardware For Every Style Door

Whether you choose a European, American country home, or classic cottage style for your wooden or steel carriage doors, Carriage House Door has the exact hardware to match your design.
Choose from seven decorative styles: Barcelona, Cambridge, Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Virginia. These beautifully forged pieces are from the Carriage House Collection of hardware. ADS will also procur decorative hardware from alternate sources if requested to match the specs of a custom job.

Wood Doors

Each overhead garage door in our Carriage House collection matches the timeless beauty, authenticity, and quality of a carriage door constructed a century ago, yet operates with the latest technology.

  • Frame: 1-3/8 inch kiln-dried fir.

Facing: Your choice of the following:

  • 1/2 or 5/8 inch medium density overlay plywood (for paint grade doors only).
  • 3/8 or 5/8 inch Breckenridge plywood siding (for paint or stain grade doors).
  • 1/2 inch marine mahogany plywood (for paint or stain grade).
  • Vertical grain western red cedar, incense cedar, fir, or any other available materials as specified.

Wire-brush option is available on all doors to produce a weathered effect.

Trim/Overlay: Your choice of the following:

  • Stain Grade: Vertical grain clear western red cedar (standard), STK incense cedar, vertical grain douglas fir, clear heart redwood, mahogany, bonded to the facing with exterior adhesive and galvanized finish nails.
  • The concealed side of the trim is back-cut to prevent twisting and warping.

Core: 1-3/8 inch EPS, Polystyrene insulation
Windows: 1/8 inch DSB (standard) stopped and sealed in place. Seedy, Graylight 2, Obscure and many other types of glass are available as well. Insulated glass also available.
Arched Top: Available in a standard or custom radius. Please provide template with custom arch. Designs: Choose from our designs or provide a detailed drawing of your own door.
Section Height: The maximum section height is 32 inches.
The following guidelines show the number of sections for door heights of up to fourteen feet:

  • Up to 8’0″ : 3 sections
  • From 8’0″ to 10′ : 4 sections
  • From 10′ to 12′ : 5 sections
  • From 12′ to 14′ — 6 sections

Vintage Woods

Carriage House Door Co. is pleased to add beautiful reclaimed boards to our extensive collection of woods. Rustic boards are salvaged from old barns and have aged gracefully for over 100 years. They are handcrafted following your specifications into richly textured rustic-styled garage doors. Our vintage boards are available in three colors: Cordovan, Sienna, and Umber.

Other Wood Styles:

Shou Sugi Ban – Ancient Japanese technique of expertly charring board siding, then cleaning and sealing with a natural oil.
Sapele Mahogany – Beautiful, durable hardwood used in fine cabinetry, flooring and paneling.
Reclaimed Redwood – Taken from old bridges, barns and other structures. Refinished to bring out rich, striking grain and color.
Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar – A straight-grain wood with outstanding weight-to-strength ratio.
Burmese Teak – Prized for golden color, resistance to weathering, and distinctive grain.
Ipe – Extremely dense with fine grain, durable
Black Walnut – Immensely popular classic American hardwood. Has outstanding dimensional stability.

Steel Doors

The Steel Collection features five models in a variety of finishes: Galvanized, Brushed, Hot Rolled, and Cold Rolled. Also available: Aluminum doors, both Clear Anodized and Dark Bronze Anodized, Copper, and Corten Steel, which, over time, develops a rich patina.
These doors are available as 2-inch steel-backed, insulated doors. Sculpted edge trim and window construction set it apart from the competition.
Windows can be added to all of our doors to allow light to enter the garage and adds aesthetic appeal. You can choose any type of glass, including, seeded, smoked, obscure, etc.

Steel Specifications:

  • Sections: 2 inch steel back insulated
  • Overlay: 1/2 inch Extira is bonded to the facing with exterior adhesive and screws.
  • Core: 2 EPS, Polystyrene insulation.
  • Each door features heavy-duty hardware, 10-ball nylon rollers, horizontal reinforcing, torsion springs, and heavy-duty track.

Windows: 1/8 inch DSB (Standard) stopped and sealed in place; however, many other types of glass are available and optional.
Designs: Five basic designs are offered. All are available with windows and custom arch. (Please provide template with custom arch.) Special designs are available when detailed drawings are supplied.