Helpful Safety Tips from San Diego’s Garage Door Experts

    Did you know over 30,000 people a year are involved in a severe injury due to a garage door accident? Tragically, recent reports in the United States show that these occurrences, which primarily involved people being either hit by a garage door or being trapped beneath it, have sometimes even resulted in fatalities.

    This is why it is crucial to pay close attention to garage door safety tips and make sure your family is aware of these hazards. Children are especially vulnerable to these accidents, so discuss these guidelines with your household—and never experience a garage-related accident.

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    Key Tips for Garage Door Safety

    There are several actions you can take to keep yourself and your family safe around garage doors. Remind all the occupants of your home of these guidelines from time to time, particularly children, who are the most likely to be hurt and suffer the greatest amount of damage from a heavy garage door.

    Safety tips when dealing with garage doors:
    • Garage doors and their openers are not toys: Misusing these pieces of equipment is very dangerous. Constantly pressing openers is a quick way to wear out equipment, and potentially cause serious damage to your system.
    • Wall controls, button controls, and remote controls must all be kept out of children’s reach: These controls to the system must be raised at least five feet above the ground, and adults must warn children about the consequences of playing with these controls.
    • Avoid standing near or walking under a garage door while it’s closing: You definitely should never race to get out while the garage door is moving. Not only is this very risky for your safety, but it sets a dangerous precedent for children.
    • Do not repair broken or malfunctioning springs or cables yourself: Trying to fix or repair the springs or cables of your garage door yourself is highly dangerous and should never be attempted by a non-professional. These extremely tense parts of the metal are under severe tension and can cause long-lasting damage or even death.
    working on springs

    Maintaining Safety & Security

    In addition to paying attention to these safety guidelines, you should also make sure your garage door is installed the right way the first time. This will greatly decrease accidents from the beginning.

    Being proactive in garage door safety does not stop here, however. Frequent maintenance to reset imbalanced springs is crucial since torsion springs need to be adjusted at least every two years for maximum safety. Regular inspection from our San Diego garage door specialists at ADS Automatic Door Specialists will also ensure that any minor repairs are immediately fixed before they become major concerns.

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