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ADS Automatic Door Specialists is fully trained to provide expert installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services for all garage doors in San Diego and surrounding areas. We service every type of garage door, including vintage roll-up, flip-up and swing-out doors that many installers don’t have experience with. We specialize in newer doors and opener systems as well. Our technicians are current with all brands and models and undergo regular training to stay on top of the technology curve. Our Quick-Response Fleet is equipped to provide complete service – meaning you never have to wait for emergency services. We dispatch our trucks throughout the Greater San Diego area.

Call today to request assistance with:

Complete Garage Door Service & Maintenance

While garage doors seem like fairly simple systems, they require an experienced professional to service them properly, and our team is the best of the best. In addition to installation and repairs, we offer a unique maintenance program that is second to none.

ADS's 19-Point Service Special includes:

  • Tune-up door opener, check all chains and moving parts
  • Inspect for safety – all bolts, braces and other hardware
  • Balance and adjust alignment of garage door or gate
  • Lubricate all hinges and rollers
  • We explain what we’ve done, and give you clear options on any repairs

Call (858) 266-9563 today for experienced garage door service for your San Diego home or business.

    He was very impressive to watch as he single-handedly removed our very heavy old wooden door... Observing his technique of hanging the new replacement door was another impressive event. He is a great asset to the company..We love the look of the new door.
    - Thomas R.
    Their technician was on time and fixed our door without any problems. He was very polite and helpful with our questions/concerns. Thanks ADS
    - Ricardo F.
    We are so pleased with the product and especially with the service. We will recommend this company to any of our friends who need this service.
    - Debbi P.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Having the correct size and gauge to replace your garage door spring should seem obvious, but is actually a job requiring precise knowledge and careful installation. Torsion springs are rated by the number of “cycles” they are constructed to perform, with a cycle being one opening and closing. ADS carries several different sizes and even has the ability to customize them for your garage door system. Trust ADS for professional spring replacement – we put the safety of our customers ahead of all else.

Garage Door Track Replacement

The track on your garage door is responsible for several functions. Not only does the track hold the garage door in place, it also carries the rollers as your door opens and closes. If your track is misshapen or bent in any place, the entire system could malfunction. When this happens, it’s important to call a trusted company that offers garage door track replacement.

At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, our team will go above and beyond to install a new track that saves you both time and money. Our technicians will make sure the track rolls quietly and effectively. The last thing any homeowner wants is a loud garage door that is slow to open and close. Plus, by installing tracks designed to fight off rust and corrosion, you won’t have to think about track replacement ever again.

Garage Door Roller, Hinge & Cable Replacement

Rollers, hinges, and cables are what keep your garage door moving. Without these vital parts, your door wouldn’t have the capability to open and close. Attaching to the inside frame of your garage door, these three parts can start to wear down over time. If you’ve noticed a loud screeching sound, it could mean that your garage door is in dire need of roller, hinge, and cable replacement. While some might think that replacing these parts is a DIY job, only certified experts should handle these repairs. Without proper equipment and working knowledge of how garage doors operate, you could seriously injure yourself in the process.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Tired of looking at that one dirty and rusted panel on your door? At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, our team is dedicated to making sure your garage looks clean and fresh all the time. One simple panel replacement can also ensure that everything inside your garage is safe and sound.

For garage doors that are 15 years or older, panel replacement may not be an option. This is largely due to the types of materials that were used on garage doors in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Fortunately, our San Diego garage door service experts are here to discuss other options that best suit your needs.

Garage Door Sealing to Keep Out the Wind, Rain and Extreme Temperatures

Garage doors are all made with a bottom seal which, if properly installed and maintained, will help keep out water, wind, dust, and rodent pests out of your garage. Even the best seals and weatherstripping will break down over time, though regular inspection along with simple upkeep will extend that lifespan. When the bottom seal cracks, splits, or is pulled out of alignment, don’t wait for things to get worse before repairing or replacing. The same goes for any threshold seal or stripping across the sides and top of your garage door and door windows.

  • Garage Door Bottom Seal: The bottom edge of your garage door comes, in most cases, comes with a standard door bottom seal. It’s basically a strip of rubber or vinyl that attaches along the width of the garage door. This seals the bottom interface between the cement floor and wood or steel frame of the door. If it fits tightly, without any daylight between the seal and the floor (easily viewed from the inside on a sunny day), that’s good. But watch for places where the seal is cracking or splitting or is pulled away from the seal. That can get out of control quickly, often at a time when it makes the most difference.
  • Garage Door Threshold Seal: A garage door threshold seal in some ways mirrors and supports the bottom seal discussed above, but, as the name indicates, is attached to the floor. Threshold seals are designed to help keep out surface water and mud, especially where a driveway slopes down toward a garage. They may also effectively patch a gap or irregularity in the floor. These seals can in some cases be used as an alternative to the bottom seal, though they are best used together. A high-quality vinyl threshold seal is often more durable than the seal attached to the door frame, so it may be a good idea to see it as the foundation of your weather sealing system. Just remember, though, that the same threshold that keeps water from getting in makes it harder to sweep water or dirt out.
  • Door Stop Weatherstripping: Wind and rain will of course come through any gap or crevice that exists – including the sides of the door, where it overlays the wooden door jamb. Rubber or vinyl weatherstripping secured to the door stop molding (attached to the door jamb) will “kiss” the front face of the door and help provide protection from the elements. It’s real simple: install door stop weatherstripping if you don’t already have it, or replace it if it does not seal well. The door-side flange of the weatherstripping should press against the door to create a good seal. For doors that have damaged or badly weathered door stops in need of replacing there is specialty doorstop vinyl molding with a wood-look finish.

ADS Automatic Door Specialists want your garage door to stay in optimal condition for its full expected lifetime, and protect your garage from water, wind, and temperature extremes. Sealing and weatherstripping your garage door also helps to keep mice or other unwanted creatures from setting up house in your garage. It can, in many instances, be an energy-saver as well. We have a team of specialists who will answer all your questions and provide quick, economical installation of all these weather-proofing needs. Call us today for a tune-up, and we’ll get your garage door ready for winter – and far beyond.

Best Warranties & Guarantees

At ADS Automatic Door Specialists we look for any opportunity to pass special savings on to our customers. We’re more than competitive – we'll beat the big box stores in both price and quality of service. In our business, word-of-mouth speaks volumes about the true value provided. Look over our testimonial page and you’ll quickly see our A+ Better Business Bureau rating is an honest one. From the first inquiry to final handshake, your satisfaction is our goal.

Ways our team goes above and beyond:

  • We Guarantee You The Best Total Value At The Lowest Price
  • We Pass Manufacturer’s Specials On To Our Customers
  • We Give You The Best Choices In Brand Name Doors And Openers
  • ADS Has Served San Diego Since 1979, With Many Thousands Of Doors Installed
  • Free, No-Hassle Estimates With No Hidden Or “Run-Up” Charges
  • A Locally Owned Business – All Technicians are ADS Staff, Held To Our Standards

Discover the ADS difference. Call us today at (858) 266-9563 or contact us online to request garage door service in San Diego.

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