Recently we were approached by a homeowner who wanted a custom wood garage door installation.

This four‐door custom wood garage door had to be as unique and impressive as the surrounding architecture. It was a luxury mansion. Each detail required custom treatment, with no room for guesswork.

We accepted the challenge and set to work.

It ended up as a “showcase” project with a level of design and craftsmanship far beyond the usual garage door installation. Here’s the story:

Step 1. Starting The Custom Wood Garage Door Installation

Firstly, we made designs. The homeowner had a photo of a door they loved – a geometric parquet pattern made up of perfectly fitted hardwood pieces.

Our custom wood garage door installation needed matching transoms with rounded tops. The size and shape were different from the door in the photo, so we made new, custom templates. The stain and finish needed to match other doors and trim used in the mansion.

The designs were carefully drawn up, and the step-by-step process of crafting the doors was tested in our workshop.

Step 2. Finding The Materials

Secondly, we tracked down a source that could provide a large quantity of high‐grade mahogany of matching grain and color needed. We then researched with our vendors for the right style and finish for the hardware. The homeowner selected custom bronze hardware from an out-of-state manufacturer.

Then, with the rare, hard‐to‐find materials finally in our shop, we hand‐crafted each garage door and transom. We precisely fitted them to their frames. We were completed on schedule and to the client’s great delight.

Step 3. The Finishing Touches

Finally, the tracks and hinges were powder‐coated, and LiftMaster door openers were selected for raising and lowering the sectional doors. They were built with a fit so precise the seams are hard to see.

Your Custom Wood Garage Door Installation

Your garage door project may be much simpler (or maybe not!), but we approach each custom wood garage door installation with the same level of pride and respect. At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, we understand that each step of the process demands the same professional effort.

The quality of the installation is a major part of the long-term value of your garage door. A high-quality installation will extend the lifetime of the product. It will also make the garage door safer and more efficient.

Your home is a mansion too – and whether your new garage door is galvanized steel or custom‐designed mahogany, we promise to do it right. Contact us today to start your project.

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