Overhead sectional garage doors are mostly operated remotely via a ceiling- or wall-mounted garage door opener, which uses a motor (horsepower will vary per model) to pull the door up and across the ceiling along steel tracks. They are what make automatic doors automatic. Each opening and closing is called a cycle. Every opener will have a predicted lifespan based on estimated cycles. This, as we know, is a finite number.

A good model from a major manufacturer will provide many years of reliable service and will be mostly trouble-free if well-installed and properly maintained. But there comes a day of the faltering performance or design obsolescence for even the best equipment, and you will find yourself in the market for a new opener. Since you’ve gotten this far in our ADS Automatic Door Specialists blog, maybe today is your day.

What Should I Buy a New Garage Door Opener?

You will find yourself asking good questions; things like “Should I just replace the unit I currently own or are there upgrades that will be better dealt with in the long run?” and “Are there advances in opener technologies I need to factor in?” If it has been a decade or longer since your last purchase, or if you bought the house with an existing opener and don’t know how old it is, it will be to your advantage to spend a little bit of time studying the subject. The most respected makers, such as LiftMaster, Marantec, and Genie, will have downloadable product brochures as well as spec sheets and demo videos. You may quickly discover the available info is heavy on salesmanship and may be confusing on comparative value. As Automatic Door Specialists have extensive experience with virtually all the most recommended openers, speaking with us can give you peace of mind with your ultimate choice, plus confidence you are getting good value for your investment. We’ll likely ask you questions you may not be aware of yourself that could be crucial to the right selection.

Should I Install the Garage Door Opener Myself?

If you have an aptitude and interest in mechanical/electrical projects, plus the right tools, you may opt to install a new opener yourself. A good product will come with written instructions that should be more than sufficient. Be careful, though, as shortcuts, improvisations, or installation mistakes may limit or void the warranty and place your garage door system at risk. Don’t reuse components from the previous system, and carefully plan out your installation step by step. If you would rather rely on ADS Automatic Door Specialists or another professional service to do the new installation, remember they will be doing so with a level of experience and training that may prove an excellent bargain in the long run.

Should I Go All-In and Replace the Entire Garage Door System?

If you find yourself wondering “In for a penny, in for a pound”, consider that a worthy question to ponder, especially if the opener and door were installed together originally. This is where a ADS Automatic Door Specialists can make a big difference. A thorough inspection of the whole system may find it sound and good for the foreseeable future or may uncover wear or misalignment that will mean costly repairs down the line. You don’t want to put a “new patch on an old garment” – but neither do you want to assume one problem, an aging opener, will mean similar problems with the rest of your system. You’ll need someone you can trust. ADS Automatic Door Specialists has been serving the greater San Diego area for nearly 40 years, earning the trust and repeat business of hundreds of homeowners. Check us out. Give us a call – or use our contact page on this site. You’ll be surprised how easy, and affordable, it is to update your automatic garage door opener.

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