Noticing the Little Things Can Prevent Big Problems

Does your garage door hum, or does it groan? Does it flow smoothly, or jerk and clank? Most homeowners give scant attention to the warning lights and sound their automatic sectional door may be displaying, setting themselves up for a costly and inconvenient repair, or sometimes worse.

If you plead guilty to the above neglect, consider yourself as just one of a high number of similar offenders. The Harris Poll conducted a methodical, comprehensive online survey at the behest of the International Door Association (IDA), the world’s largest association of professional garage door and access systems professionals. The survey revealed that fully 82 percent of American homeowners with a garage are not giving even the minimum attention recommended for their large, vital, and potentially hazardous garage doors.

Curious about the other numbers generated by the survey?
  • 54 percent: Those who have never had a professional garage door and/or garage door opener safety check.
  • 34 percent: Those admitting that no one in their household has ever performed the basic safety tests required for their garage door or opener.
  • 27 percent: Those confessing they have never lubricated their garage door hinges and rollers, with 12 percent saying they have no idea if this basic, required service was ever done by anyone.

Are you feeling a little fidgety yet? Garage door pros are quite straightforward in saying you should be if you find yourself as part of these statistics.

When a garage door isn’t functioning properly, and the problem is ignored, the homeowner is setting themselves up for costly and highly inconvenient emergency repairs. ADS Automatic Door Specialists provides comprehensive lists of the routine inspections and maintenance you can do yourself, as well as the things best left to the ADS Automatic Door Specialists technicians. We recommend, after you’re finished reading this, that you check out Repairs in the menu bar, starting with Maintenance Guide. There are other pages, including these blogs, where you’ll find important details.

We’ve mentioned cost and the predictable hassle of having something big and important breakdown. But there’s another overriding factor: Personal safety. A garage door can weigh a lot and can do serious harm to children and pets – even grown men – if the safety features, such as the electronic eye that freezes and reverses a lowering door if there is an obstruction, fails to work. Whether the “obstruction” is a toddler or a bag of groceries, you don’t want this to happen, ever.

At ADS Automatic Door Specialists we offer a solution that gives you peace of mind and can save you a lot of grief – and money – over time. We call it our Annual Door Service Program (ADS Automatic Door Specialists Program) which, for a modest annual fee, provides a point-by-point annual inspection, plus minor adjustments, lubrication, and diagnosis of any emerging problems that we discover. We always give you clear options on how to proceed. Another plus you seldom find: The plan is tailored to your garage door. A well-installed, quality garage door and door opener should last, with good care and regular service, for many years. This is the long-term value you invest in when you buy a new garage door. As with a car or other extensively used piece of machinery, you are always smart to take proper care of that investment.

ADS Automatic Door Specialists thrives on word-of-mouth, BBB, Houzz ratings, and online reviews. We build relationships, with one homeowner, one business owner, and one garage door or gate at a time. Good service is our number one goal. One last thing: Go out when you have a few spare minutes (maybe now is a good time) and carefully look over your garage door. Raise it and lower it a couple of times, observing how it moves and sounds. You may just want to give us a call, at 858-544-5757.

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