June 6

Keep Your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Running At Top Efficiency

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The Best Tips For Designing Your Dream Garage Door
March 14

Why A Maintenance Plan For Your Garage Door Is A Smart Idea

Your garage door generally undergoes more wear and tear than anything else in your home. Although some people only open and close their garage door… View Article Read More

You can avoid these problems with weatherproofing and other climate adaptation features.
February 10

Garage Door Weatherproofing and Climate Adaptation

Our weather in San Diego can’t be beat, but there is a downside. Every day, your garage door encounters weather that can affect its appearance… View Article Read More

February 3

Garage Door Maintenance and Longevity

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Garage Door Services in San Diego, CA
April 13

All About Garage Door Services

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Garage Doors in San Diego, CA
September 10

When the Garage Becomes the Centerpiece

Luxury garages will never be the norm. But for a very few, these marvels serve as private showrooms to display their classic automotive collections. Custom-designed… View Article Read More

Garage Door in San Diego, CA
April 21

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Garage Door

As spring settles in with longer days and warmer weather, we each experience some degree of motivation to shake out the dust and detritus, toss… View Article Read More

Entry Gates in San Diego, CA
March 19

Automatic Entry Gates and Side Gates Need Maintenance Too

Automatic Door Specialists, we take our gates, and gate servicing, very seriously. It is not unusual for us to match the design and materials for… View Article Read More

Garage Door in San Diego, CA
January 26

Your Ultimate Garage Door Guide

The time has come for you to put the finishing touch on your garage! With endless styles, colors, and options, it’s never been easier to… View Article Read More

The ADS Guide to Garage Door Maintenance and Repair
January 6

The ADS Guide to Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

There is an inevitable question we all face with many mechanized items – is maintenance or repair enough, or is it time to replace the… View Article Read More