Our weather in San Diego can’t be beat, but there is a downside. Every day, your garage door encounters weather that can affect its appearance and functionality. From high humidity in the summer to cool rains in the winter, San Diego’s climate can cause issues with your garage door. Moisture from high humidity and rain can lead to rust and corrosion. Sunlight can fade your garage door’s paint or finish. You can avoid these problems with weatherproofing and other climate adaptation features.

The Benefits of Weatherproofing Your Garage Door

Weatherproofing can improve your garage door’s ability to withstand damaging elements like wind, rain, humidity, and sunlight. When you contact our team about weatherproofing your garage door, we take measures that protect more than just the garage door. We’ll also ensure that the hardware, track, and opener are protected from exposure to the weather’s elements. These weatherproofing measures offer the following benefits for your garage door.

Prevent Water Intrusion

Quality weatherstripping creates a tight seal around your garage door. This weatherstripping prevents water from entering your garage’s interior and damaging the items inside.

Types of Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is available in many different materials and price points. Vinyl weatherstripping offers durability and flexibility. It’s a budget-friendly solution that can stand up to wind and rain.

Another option is rubber. This durable material can stand up against San Diego’s intense sunlight. Rubber also holds up against extreme heat and cold. If you choose PVC, this material resists water, wind, and extreme temperatures.

PVC is a popular choice for weatherstripping a garage door. Stainless steel or aluminum weatherstripping is more expensive, but it’s great for garage doors that see heavy usage.

Foam tape is another option for sealing your garage door. This material is available in many different thicknesses to accommodate any garage door. Foam can hold up to wind and drafts, but it’s not as durable as vinyl, rubber, or PVC.

Reduce Energy Loss Caused by Drafts

Gaps in your garage door can increase the energy loss in your home. Warm air outside your home may enter your garage and your home. To keep your home cool, your air conditioner may run more frequently. By sealing the gaps in your garage, you can minimize energy loss. You can maintain a more consistent, comfortable temperature in your garage and home.

Protect Against Sun and Moisture-Related Damage

Over time, exposure to the hot California sun and high humidity can damage your garage door. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can fade or damage your garage door’s paint or finish. Moisture can damage a steel garage door by causing rust or corrosion. Although wood garage doors can give your home great curb appeal, these garage doors are susceptible to damage from moisture. When a wooden garage door absorbs moisture from rain or humidity, the wood can warp or rot. This moisture also provides an environment perfect for mold and mildew growth.

Using a Protective Coating

One way to protect your garage door from sun and moisture damage is by applying a protective paint or primer. Protective coatings for steel doors can minimize or prevent rust or corrosion. These coatings seal wood garage doors to prevent warped or rotten wood. These paints and primers also maintain the door’s vibrant finish by reducing the fading caused by sunlight.

Keep Out Rodents, Insects, and Pests

Many homeowners use their garage for storing clothing, holiday decorations, and other household items. Unfortunately, even if your items are in closed boxes and containers, they are still vulnerable to damage from mice and other pests. These pests can chew and destroy your precious belongings. Mice and other pests leave behind droppings, hair, and allergens that can present a health hazard. Once these pests enter your garage, they also may gain entry into your home.

Sealing gaps in your garage with weatherproofing materials can eliminate entry points for mice, bugs, and other pests. In addition to replacing the weatherstripping at the bottom of your door, we also can replace any worn-out rubber gaskets. Mice and other pests can chew on these gaskets to create a gap large enough to enter. Our team at ADS Automatic Door Specialists can inspect your garage door and seal any entry points.

Other Climate Adaptation Options

Weatherstripping and protective coatings aren’t your only options for protecting your garage door and your garage’s contents from Mother Nature. If you’re interested in installing a new garage door opener or garage door, consider these climate-friendly options.

Smart Garage Door Openers

You can use the latest technology to maintain a moisture-free environment in your garage. If your old garage door opener is at the end of its life, consider installing a new smart door opener. Smart garage door openers offer enhanced convenience and safety features. When bad weather threatens, you can close your garage door using an app on your phone. Depending on which garage door opener you choose, your new opener may work with Alexa, Siri, or Google.

Some smart garage door openers include the ability to set a schedule for your garage door. With these scheduling features, your garage door will open and close automatically according to a set schedule. This feature reduces the likelihood of leaving your garage open, which exposes your home and belongings to weather. If your smart garage door opener includes geofencing, this technology works with your phone and the app to set a perimeter around your home. When your phone enters or leaves the perimeter, the garage door opens and closes automatically. Like the scheduling capability, geofencing reduces the likelihood of leaving your garage door open.

Insulated Garage Doors

If you want to protect your garage from temperature changes, wind, and moisture, you may want to install an insulated garage door. An insulated garage door features additional layers of insulation that resist heat and cold. This insulation regulates temperatures inside the garage, which may prevent energy loss in your home and garage. This is a great option for homeowners who frequently work in their garages. You’ll enjoy better protection against extreme heat and cold temperatures.

San Diego’s Garage Door Specialists

Your garage door is a critical part of your home’s security and curb appeal. When your garage door isn’t functioning properly, it’s more than an inconvenience. It also can be a security issue. Luckily, our team of specialists at ADS Automatic Door Specialists is here for all of your garage door needs. We offer a wide range of garage door services for both residential and commercial properties.

Our professional, experienced garage door specialists can repair and maintain every model of garage door and garage door opener. With over 40 years in the garage door industry, we can repair older and vintage garage doors, including one-piece doors. If your older garage door is showing its age, you can ask our team about garage door installation services. We also offer residential and commercial installation of new garage doors.

Our wide range of wood, glass, steel, and aluminum garage doors can fit every design aesthetic and budget. Commercial property owners also can count on us for underground parking garage gates and roll-up commercial garage doors. We are San Diego’s residential and commercial garage door specialists. In addition to offering a range of garage door services, our garage door experts also can install and repair side and security gates. Turn here for garage door safety tips!

Contact our garage door specialists at ADS Automatic Door Specialists in San Diego, and ask us about weatherproofing your garage door today!

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