For most homeowners, a major consideration when weighing a home improvement project is the return on investment, commonly referred to as “cost vs. value.” Essentially, it refers to how much of the cost of the improvement can be recouped if you sell your home. There are a lot of factors that affect that percentage, such as the length of time between completing the improvement and selling the property, the rise and fall of consumer interest in various kinds of improvements, and, of course, the attractiveness and added functionality of the improvement itself. The company you select to install, maintain, and even design your garage door is an important factor as well —genuine quality equals genuine value. ADS Automatic Door Specialists guarantees you both.

Cost vs. Value Analysis Proves Garage Doors are a Great InvestmentThe latest analysis of major categories of home improvement projects shows…well, let’s just wait a minute on that. You’re probably assuming (a safe bet, based on the headline) that we are going to be bragging about the value of installing a new garage door. Well, (ahem), that’s true. It is not unexpected that in 2021 replacing your garage door, especially with an upgraded door system with insulation, “smart” automation with a well-matched door opener, and all the latest safety features, including battery backup in case of a power outage, will give you a highly favorable cost vs. value figure. Just how high? A return averaging over 95%—the highest return on ANY home improvement project this year. The national and San Diego numbers are virtually the same. Second on the list is manufactured stone veneer, with a return clearing 93%. It drops off fairly sharply after that, with the rest of the projects that complete the top ten varying between a 78.8% and 73.1% return rate. These numbers are courtesy of Zonda Media and can be studied in detail at With this latest set of figures, Zonda sharpened their methods to include housing starts, existing home sales, existing home values, and ongoing shifts in these values.

One fact that stands out in their report is the number of projects that are of “curb appeal” value—windows, decks, siding, and entry doors. Garage doors—especially for two-car garages—are a major part of the street-facing facade of your home. The door, of course, is not primarily cosmetic, though selecting a style, materials, and colors that integrate with the look of the home can make a major difference in its marketability. It is the versatility, functionality, and reliability of the door that locks in the extended value reflected in that 95.2% rate. Some surmise that the shift toward staying home for both work and lifestyle during the pandemic has given greater value to exterior improvements. In practical terms, contracting work to be performed outdoors rather than indoors may have been easier for many folks in a time of masks and social distancing. All this is somewhat hard to measure. What is sure, however, is that traditional “curb appeal”—the first impression on pulling up to a prospective future residence—is a fairly constant factor. This extends, by direct association, to side and entry gates that match the look of the garage door. And ADS Automatic Door Specialists does it all.

As San Diego’s premier source for garage doors and gates, our hundreds of satisfied customers are our most trusted verification that quality manufacture and design, quality installation, and quality maintenance are the best investments you can make. Genuine quality equals genuine value. Give us a call at 858-544-5757 to learn more. We’ll give you clear, no-nonsense answers to all your questions.

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