We’re all aware throughout Southern California that this winter promises to be one of the most severe in years, with the strongest El Niño yet recorded now producing large storms bringing heavy rain and strong winds. The pattern should continue throughout the winter and early spring. Is your garage door in fit condition for the challenges it may face?

Over 70% of San Diego homeowners enter their homes through the garage, and most of those use remote controls or keypads to open the garage door. You don’t want to give up the security and convenience of getting out of your car, and perhaps unloading groceries or small children, in a dry, lighted, safe place (the inside of your garage) instead of outside in driving rain, perhaps in the dark.

If you use your garage door as a workshop, a recreation room, or simply for storage of valuable items, you don’t want to risk water damage caused by a poorly aligned garage door or one with inadequate weather sealing. Further, the loss of heat through a poorly insulated garage door can add significantly to your energy bills.

It is important, especially during the colder, wetter months, when you may be leaving for work and returning in the evening while it is dark, to have a well-maintained garage door with reliable performance and adequate sealing.

Some things to look for:
  • Does your remote work consistently, without delay or interruption?
  • Doe the garage door glide up smoothly and quietly, without drag or stutter.
  • Does the door align tightly, without gaps along the base?
  • Doe the bottom weather seal run interrupted along the full bottom of the door, without buckling or breaking?
  • Does the finish of your door show cracking, splitting, or weathering of the paint or finish?
  • Is there any sign of rusting on steel doors or dry rot on wood doors?
  • Does your garage door have any rusted, damaged, or dented parts, inside or out?
  • Does the laser sensor work properly, all the time?

Any of these problems, or other garage door repairs in Point Loma or driveway gate concerns, should be addressed before the next big storm. We’ll gladly answer your questions, over the phone where possible. Ask about our El Niño Service Special – now $20 off your service call, from now through the end of March. Call 858-544-5757 and just say “El Niño Special!” We’ll get to you right away.

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