Automatic Door Specialists, we take our gates, and gate servicing, very seriously. It is not unusual for us to match the design and materials for the driveway and side gates with the garage door, especially if they are all custom installations. The effect can be striking and sophisticated and enhance both the attractiveness and ROI value of your home. Even standard gate models that are selected to complement the garage door or architectural styling will give a finished look that greatly enhances your curb appeal.

Beyond their appearance, gates are critical to the security of your home, especially automatic gates, and they should get the same care and attention you give (or should be giving) to your garage door. Whether we’re talking about simple, latch-operated wood side gates, or high-tech driveway entry systems with keypads, remotes, and even motion or voice activation, gates need regular service. This includes inspecting for problems, basic cleaning, maintenance of hardware and moving parts, and, if needed, repair.

Here are four basic things to remember:

  1. Keep It Clean
  2. Any object kept outdoors gets dirty. Sometimes a quick hosing is all that is needed, but a more careful cleaning is a good idea regularly, such as after the rainy season. Posts planted in damp soil are susceptible to termites and dry rot. A more attentive cleaning, especially for hardware or electronic components, is more than cosmetic, as cobwebs, dry leaves, or even an accumulation of dust and dirt can potentially damage the mechanisms. Ants are known to nest in electronic components, leading to corroded wiring. Keeping gates in good condition with fresh paint or water sealing is important as well. Basic cleaning is probably the simplest way to help maintain your gates, but don’t take it for granted. As you are cleaning, you are also observing, which can help you find little problems and correct them before they become big problems.

  3. Listen to Your Gate
  4. Mechanical objects make noise, and when they start to wear out or show damage, that noise changes, usually by becoming louder and harsher. Think about all those screeching and groaning gates and doors you’ve heard in horror films. Often, quieting a gate down is a simple matter of lubricating the hinges and latches. Be sure you know which lubricants are recommended for your gate model. On more complicated and precisely balanced entry systems, there are more things to watch for, and these will often require professional inspection and maintenance. That’s where ADS Automatic Door Specialists excels; providing regular inspections and maintenance, and completing any needed adjustments, thereby avoiding major repairs and the disruptions they may create.

  5. A Lot Hinges on Good Balance
  6. The basic engineering of a gate depends on having excellent balance. If a gate is used frequently, the balance must be maintained by regular service. If a swinging gate drags or scrapes, or if it is off-vertical (from ground settling, erosion, pressure from tree roots, or simply bad construction), it needs adjustment or repair. If a rolling or laterally sliding entry gate veers off track, stutters, or snags, you should deal with it promptly. If a gate works too hard to perform its essential task of opening and closing, it may well mean you have a big repair or replacement waiting to happen—so don’t wait.

  7. When Your Garage Door Receives Regular Servicing, Include Your Gates
  8. This applies to all your gates but is especially important if you have an automatic gate that operates electronically. The same kinds of pro-level needs ADS Automatic Door Specialists deals with day-in and day-out with garage doors apply, generally, to automatic gates, and our highly trained specialists can make their annual garage door service a perfect opportunity to keep your gates running smoothly as well. We make annual inspections easy, convenient, and affordable, assuring you not only efficient and reliable operation but important safety checks as well. For example, many electronic gates, like all new garage overhead doors, have an auto-reverse function that needs to be tested regularly.

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