If you’re reading this blog, it may be because you’re not quite convinced the answer is “yes”, but you’re interested in looking at some objective pointers that make you a better-informed homeowner. At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, we have that conversation daily. Let’s consider a few basic points that may help you make a confident decision.

Can spending a little (on the annual garage door and gate inspections) save you a lot? We all know preventive medicine via an annual check-up can make a big difference, sometimes lifesaving. We also understand without further argument that the same principle applies to our cars, our computers, and any other expensive, complicated possessions with lots of moving parts. Ignoring a squawk or a rattle in your garage door is a little like ignoring a toothache. You know it won’t go away, but you push it down the priority list until it becomes critical. You may not think a garage door is in the same category, but consider this:

  • Automatic roll-up doors require precise balance and alignment and have lots of parts that require regular lubrication to reduce long-term wear. Wear means an increased risk of failure, and replacement of parts – even the door itself – much sooner than should be necessary. And that means spending money you didn’t need to. A well-maintained garage door should last many years, depending on the quality of both the product and the installation. A neglected or poorly installed door could require replacement much sooner. An annual inspection can significantly increase the life expectancy of your garage door.
  • Modern garage doors and openers are mechanical devices with sophisticated electronics required for safe and reliable operation. If the laser beam ensuring that the door won’t close on moving objects (such as young children) fails, are you willing to risk personal injury?
  • An inspected garage door is secure. That means you and your family, and everything in your home. Remember, over 70% of homeowners use their garage door as the main point of entry to their residence.
  • Your warranty works best if you maintain your door. The excellent warranty you were wise enough to consider important in your initial purchase (or perhaps the previous owner’s purchase) is of the greatest value when you take care of the product. And if your warranty isn’t so great, that makes regular professional inspections and tune-ups all the more important.

“But do I need to spend the money on a professional service contract?” That for many is the bottom-line question. There are indeed several checklist items (we provide some on this website) that every responsible homeowner should be aware of. You are the first line of defense. And, of course, it is always your call. But you may want to consider this:

There are important elements of good maintenance that are best done by one of our highly-trained specialists – things that you might never notice or have the means to examine. The technicians ADS Automatic Door Specialists send to your home are part of our mandatory, ongoing training program. ADS Automatic Door Specialists is current with any form of garage door or gate installed in San Diego – from the latest high-tech roll-ups with programmable openers to the oldest wooden tilt-up doors.

One last point to ponder…The core of our business is satisfied customers who come back to us over and over. We don’t slide in hidden charges or unneeded parts. Our BBB Accredited A+ rating is one of many pieces of evidence of our business integrity. With ADS Automatic Door Specialists, you will always get the best, most cost-effective service, because we know you will want to call us back the next time. Call us for an appointment. We’ll be there on time, and ready to answer all your questions.

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