Luxury garages will never be the norm. But for a very few, these marvels serve as private showrooms to display their classic automotive collections. Custom-designed “car barns,” which house expensive vintage cars, can easily run well into the high six figures (or even seven figures). The cars they house may cost as much or even more. These showcases will characteristically have a distinctive architectural style that reflects the personal passions and tastes of the owner and additionally serve as well-furnished rooms for private gatherings and relaxed dining. The walls are often lined with posters or other valuable memorabilia that give the space a museum-like aura. These garages are more common than you may think, but, for security and privacy reasons, are seldom viewed by any other than close friends and associates.

These garages need not be limited to cars: classic motorcycles, surfboards—any large collectibles that are best displayed in a space accessible through garage doors—may stir the imagination of the uber-affluent homeowner. These are the lifestyles, as the saying goes, of the rich and (perhaps) famous. They’re the kinds of places that give us a vicarious buzz of excitement, though we know they will never be ours.

But, perhaps, on a smaller scale, it’s more achievable than you may realize. ADS Automatic Door Specialists has coordinated with architects to help several of our clients realize their goal of a custom garage that integrates seamlessly with their whole home vision. Some are utilitarian (park and store), in the way most garages are; others are rooms framed by glass overhead doors that create unique spaces that have been used as sunrooms, recreation rooms, home offices, personal gyms, man caves, and many other wish-fulfillment spaces that transcend the standard “cement slab with unfinished frame walls and ceiling” that comes to mind when we think “garage.”

While ADS Automatic Door Specialists has its deepest expertise in garage doors, gates, and driveway entry systems, we also know a door is only as useful or valuable as the room it opens into. Our amazing range of experience, both commercial and residential, will help in fully integrating next-generation garage doors and gates with the master plan you’ve developed with your contractor. If you’re tackling the project yourself, we might help you avoid commonly encountered pitfalls, or show you options you might not be aware of.

If you think your dream is unreachable, or simply don’t quite know how to set it in motion, give us a call at 858-544-5757. You just might be surprised at all that is possible.

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