The versatility of sectional glass doors has revolutionized the look and functionality of restaurants, bars, gyms, and many other commercial storefronts over the past decade. ADS Automatic Door Specialists has been a regional leader in this field, as a quick tour of our web galleries will show. The ability to transform a sectional window into an automatic or chain-lifted overhead door that can raise completely up and out of the way in a few minutes has enabled countless businesses and organizations to transform the entrance of their building—or a conference room, in an office suite—based on the weather or the occasion. They have long been a favorite with homeowners as well.

But what if it were possible to open, at eye level, just one or two, or a row, of glass panels for refreshing ventilation? What if you could open a glass window within a glass door?

Now you can—with push-out awning windows. This new feature promises a new wave of commercial and residential installations.

These are not add-ons for existing doors, but unique built-in windows. Also available as solid panels for awning-like shade, they are carefully engineered to work within the design integrity of the whole door. This gives maximum stability and security. They will open, individually or as a full row of 3-5 panels, only from the inside. When closed, they are flush with the aluminum frame of the door to prevent prying from the outside. The glass can match that of the full door—whether frosted, clear, or tinted—and can be installed with or without insulation. Solid-panel awning windows will match the rugged, handsome door frame, which comes in a variety of finishes—anodized, powder-coated, custom painted, or faux wood texture. The range of options gives you the freedom to define the visual identity and character of your building.

We urge you to give us a call at 858-544-5757 to learn more. We have a working model in our showroom you are welcome to test out.

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