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Have you ever had to set a mousetrap? The specific type of spring within the trap that allows it work is known as a “torsion spring,” which is also commonly found in many other types of household mechanisms, even in your average clothespin. The way that torsion springs work is that the spring is tightly coiled to withstand enormous weights, including the weight of your garage door. However, because these springs must bear so much tension, they can be liable to break with a shattering, explosive snap.

This is why garage doors that are even just slightly on the brink of malfunctioning are extremely volatile. They are so dangerous that anyone who is not carefully trained to repair them, or does not possess the appropriate equipment, is liable to suffer severe consequences. The moment that you are suspicious your garage door is at risk of malfunctioning, you need to call the ADS Automatic Door Specialists immediately. Our experience at safely repairing and replacing doors allows us to ensure high-quality garage door spring services to homes and businesses throughout San Diego.

Call us today at (858) 266-9563 so that we can help you avoid being trapped in the mousetrap of your own garage door.

Benefits of Regular Inspections

One of the most important ways to be proactive about any problems your garage door could experience is by scheduling frequent, regular inspections. This will allow us to look for gradual wear-and-tear, fatigue in parts of the metal coil, or the eventual strain of the spring. If the spring is beyond repair, we recommend replacement immediately. However, for lesser issues, we can support you with repairing parts or adjusting minor problems, without pressuring you into services you don’t need.

Did you know that your torsion springs need to be rebalanced every few years? If they are not rebalanced, the springs cannot fully hold the weight of your garage door, which is a disaster waiting to strike. In addition to completely reinstalling new doors, we can also recalibrate if the quality of your current door is still powerful and secure.

Repairing & Replacing Broken Garage Door Springs

Even the highest quality garage doors will fail over time, simply because the most vital parts of the door are also bearing the most significant amounts of pressure. If you are trying to determine just how long they will last, you will need to bear in mind that this is all based on the amount of usage they undergo. Most standard industry-manufactured springs have 10,000 cycles – one cycle per time you open and close the door – while cycles that are produced at a higher level can have a few thousand more cycles.

Remember that your goal is not to see how far to the brink you can go before your spring breaks, but be proactive in stopping the failure before it occurs. One of the most telling signs of malfunctioning is noticing gaps between coils, meaning that the metal has become too stretched. In this event, immediately step away from the garage door and contact us.

Can I Replace Just One Garage Door Spring?

You can absolutely replace just one garage door spring at a time. However, we recommend replacing both at the same time given the likelihood that it will break in the near future, requiring another service call that could end up costing you more in the long run. Garage doors that use torsion springs don't need to have a matching set to work, but it's important to keep in mind that every spring has a limited lifespan. If you aren't sure when your springs were replaced last, it's best to have the technician inspect the working one for signs of wear and tear. If it looks like the remaining spring is in perfect working order, you should be safe replacing just the broken one and saving yourself a bit of money.

Professional Support for Utmost Safety

You can trust our professional ADS Automatic Door Specialists when it comes to rigorously examining and inspecting your current garage door or safely replacing damaged springs. No matter what your emergency is, our technicians are quick to respond with prompt, reliable service.

Contact us now at (858) 266-9563 to enjoy the safety and security of our garage door spring services located in San Diego.

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