If You Have MYQ Smart Home Technology from Liftmaster, It’s at the Head of the Class

We’re all aware, many of us painfully, how prevalent “porch piracy” has become during the pandemic. With over one-third of online shoppers reporting having been victimized by the theft of delivered packages, and nearly half of Americans shopping on the Internet, the losses are staggering. During the holidays, those expecting home deliveries jump to 92%. Over 1.7 million home-delivered packages are reported lost or stolen every day. There are sophisticated tracking tools to help you guide a package to safe delivery, but they don’t help much if you are away from home, have no one to receive deliveries for you, or simply forget to check your tracking updates. Recently I set aside a full day to receive an expensive camera lens and was shocked to see on the tracking update that it was recorded as already delivered—and with the required signature! Fortunately, it was untouched but vulnerable to theft.

Creating Safe Harbor for Your Amazon Deliveries

So how can you have peace of mind about home deliveries? Enter Amazon Prime Key, which interfaces with MYQ Technology and Smart Garage Hub.

What if the Amazon driver carrying a $1,000 package up your driveway was someone you could both talk with and watch as they used a one-time, authenticated access to your garage and place your valuable cargo, in real-time, in a specific location under your direction? And you could verify your garage door is closed and secured after the delivery was safely completed? The best part—you can do all of this with your smartphone from almost anywhere on the planet. That’s what you get with Amazon Prime Key, a free app easily downloaded from amazon.com for owners of LiftMaster’s myQ Technology. While the camera system implied in this description is optional, it is strongly recommended. There are several affordable options, including Ring Indoor Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam, and the myQ Smart Garage Camera. Amazon is also releasing an update that will allow you to ask Alexa to monitor garage deliveries for you. The LiftMaster/Amazon partnership has taken a big step towards making internet shopping safer.

Much More than One App…

Aside from package delivery, MYQ Technology allows you to use your smartphone to open and close your garage anytime, from anywhere. When activated, you’ll get immediate alerts whenever your garage opens and shuts. If you want to customize set times that your garage door will close, you can easily program that in. If you are familiar with the MYQ app, you know you can open your garage door for family and friends (and if you’ve entrusted a very few with the codes, they can access your locked garage as well with their smartphones). The myQ app also allows you to link up with Homelinc, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Wink. ADS Automatic Door Specialists work with the full spectrum of smart tech choices for garage doors, and how they integrate with smart “whole home” systems. The range of uses and the level of sophistication will only increase over time.

ADS Automatic Door Specialists are incessantly researching and mastering technology to help you maximize the safety, security, and reliability of your garage door and gates. As important and sometimes game-changing innovations emerge, we see it as a prime responsibility to our growing family of satisfied customers to be ready to answer all your questions and guide you to the best solutions for your needs. Are you intrigued but what you just read? Just call us today at 858-544-5757 for the latest and most complete details.

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