Here at Automatic Door Specialists, we are often approached with unique “showcase” projects that demand careful planning and research. These projects require a level of design and craftsmanship that many garage door companies are not equipped to handle. The custom wood garage doors pictured above were one of these projects.

The homeowner provided the building contractor with a photo of a wood door they had seen on a European vacation. They wanted to recreate the look of this door on their La Jolla home. The door in the picture was not similar in size or shape to the garage doors that we were being asked to build – in fact, the picture was of an old swing-out wooden barn door that was arched. This provided a challenge that we overcame by working closely with the building contractor and the homeowner. We were able to create a design that incorporated the geometric parquet pattern that would fit the dimensions of the new garage doors while maintaining the overall design element desired by the homeowner. Since the garage doors were not arched, the best solution was to continue the diamond herringbone pattern into the facade on the front of the building. This was achieved by building transoms above each door and extending the pattern as seamlessly as possible. Once the design was approved the real work began.

In keeping true to our European inspiration, genuine mahogany wood was chosen as the material to create the design on the face of these garage doors. We sourced the highest-grade mahogany and selected each board individually to create a consistent color palette across the four garage doors and transoms. The ornamental bronze clavos were custom fabricated after an exhaustive search of catalogs and websites.

The doors were installed with heavy-duty powder-coated tracks and hardware. Custom support bars were created to attach the tracks to the ceiling and Liftmaster Side Mount Garage Door Openers were installed to keep the ceiling as open as possible. The homeowner wanted their garage to have a clean, finished look and our white powder-coated hardware was a subtle addition that helped blend everything. This garage was as spectacular on the inside as the doors were on the outside.

La Jolla is known as the jewel of San Diego and is renowned worldwide for its spectacular homes. This project met the highest standards of this unique Southern California community. These sectional garage doors were built with a fit so precise the seams are hard to detect, creating the perfect “welcome to our home” first impression for visitors. This attention to detail is just a hint of what is to come once you enter this fabulous residence. Not only were we able to complete this project on time and within budget, but most importantly we were able to complete it to the satisfaction of the client’s high expectations.

Your garage door project may be much simpler, but we approach each installation with the same level of professionalism. At Automatic Door Specialists, we understand that every step of the process, seen or unseen, demands the same commitment to quality. Remember, the skill of the installation is a major part of the long-term value of your garage door – extending the lifetime of the products and making them safer and more efficient. Your home is a mansion too – and whether your new automatic garage door is a standard steel design or a custom-designed wood garage door, ADS Automatic Door Specialists promises to do it right!

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