We understand how important your garage door is to your daily life because when it malfunctions, getting your car in and out of the garage becomes impossible and that affects every aspect of your life. How will you get to work or take the kids to school if you can’t even get the car out of the garage? If you need garage door repairs in San Diego, we will be happy to help.

Here Are 5 Questions to Ask

When your garage door begins to act up because of tear and wear or some kind of accident, the first thing that you will do is to start to look for a reputable garage door repair company. But with so many companies out there, how do you which one to choose? We think that there 5 essential questions that you should ask before hiring any company to repair your garage door:

What Kind of Reviews Do You Have?

No matter what product or service you are looking to purchase, knowing what other people who have dealt with the company that you are considering have to say will be very helpful; and this is very true about garage door repair services too. You should ask the company directly about reviews and also check online to see what you can find.

Do You Only Install or Do You Offer Other Services?

A good garage door company should be able to do more than just install your garage door. If anything should go wrong with it, you want them to be able to perform the necessary repairs. Having to deal with more than one company for different aspects of your garage door or garage gate can be very annoying and time-consuming. We do not only install our clients’ choice of garage door or gate but also perform maintenance and repairs for both residential and clients.

Will an Estimate Cost Me Something?

Getting a free estimate from a commercial garage door company before they get started on your project is a great way to judge both the expense of the project and how their estimate compares to others. You shouldn’t ever have to pay for an estimate. You should also be wary of any companies that don’t offer an estimate to you right away. Our team not only provides a free estimate, but we also provide free consultations so you can get more information about our services and how we can meet your garage door needs.

Do You Only Carry One Brand of Commercial Garage Gates or More?

You might be loyal to a certain brand of garage gate but having other options is always a good thing. You might want more choices when adding another garage gate to a different property and if the company you are dealing with only carries one brand, then you might be sadly disappointed. What if you want wooden and metal options but that one brand only manufactures metal garage gates?

What Payment Options Do You Have?

People don’t think about it until they have to, but buying garage doors is not cheap, and commercial garage gates are even more expensive for obvious reasons. A garage door company that can offer you installment plans is a better choice because you might not be able to pay the whole cost upfront.

Our Services

We provide services for both residential and commercial clients. No matter what has happened to your garage door, we can provide the solution! We repair garage doors and gates of any kind or size. If your particular door or gate just needs spring repair or replacement parts, we can handle that too. Get more info here: https://www.automaticdoorspecialists.com/.

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