The major transition from the traditional “tilt-up” garage door to the sectional, automated overhead garage door has pretty well run its course, but many of the first-generation overhead doors are now aging and becoming obsolete. If your garage door has been in use for roughly 15 years or more, it may be a good time to consider updating and upgrading to a new door that will generally be lighter but more durable, better insulated, quieter, safer, and “smarter” than the one you currently own. Or it may be to your advantage to consider upgrading your garage door opener or entry keypad and taking advantage of their versatility and adaptability to whole-home technologies.

Not sure about the condition of your door? Running it through an ADS Automatic Door Specialists annual check-up to look for aging torsion springs, imbalanced doors, or worn-out parts is an economical way to get a professional evaluation of the life expectancy of your garage door. We value customer relationships over ringing up costs and will lay out honest choices, so your decisions are well-informed. Overhead Garage Doors San Diego.

Some of the significant features of the newest generation of overhead garage doors:
  • A wide range of insulation and steel door gauge options. The days of “one door fits all” are in the past. Every homeowner will have specific conditions and needs that should be part of a pre-sales discussion. We at ADS Automatic Door Specialists love to take the time to give our customers smart choices that instill the confidence they have made the right selection for their home. If your garage requires better insulation for heating, cooling, or simply noise levels, we can show you a door that is right for the way you use it. With the wide variety of micro-climates in San Diego County, this array of options is welcomed by thoughtful shoppers.
  • A better grasp of garage door aesthetics, with consumer-friendly options to customize. With programs like Raynor’s OptiFinish process, offering over 1,800 color choices, you can match your garage door to your home’s color scheme with great precision. Likewise, windows, hardware, and textures can be matched to a given style or look. Glass sectional doors, while generally costing more, are for many a highly desirable first choice, and the frames (wood or metal) can be harmonized with the style and look of the home. The variety of glass finishes, in color, opacity, and texture gives a high degree of flexibility in the final look. Powder-coated hardware can likewise be matched to the total look.
  • Safety, first and last…today’s garage doors are designed from the inside out to ensure operation that protects you and your family from the kinds of human-to-door contacts that cause injury or worse. Improved laser beam technology keeps your door from closing if anything interrupts its path – whether a bag of groceries or a young child. Door sections are designed to interlock without the risk of pinching fingers. A modern “smart” door is not only safe but secure – with remotes that set new codes with every use and the capacity to monitor your door’s status (“Did I close it as I was rushing off to work?”) from a distance.
  • Quiet, smooth, and reliable. There are multiple options for door openers, including belt, chain, and screw openers. They are generally more energy-efficient and durable than earlier models and come with a full suite of computerized “smart” functions that take into account the reality that most of us enter and leave our homes through the garage door. When an opener is properly matched with the door it will lift, It provides a smooth, relatively noiseless operation that will not wake the neighbors, or even children sleeping in the room above. This is where guidance from the pros at ADS Automatic Door Specialists can make a key difference, adding years – and value – to your purchase.
  • An investment with a high return. Most homeowners will buy a new garage door once or maybe twice in their lives. A real consideration for most people is the return on investment: a mixture of functionality, durability, and attractiveness (old-fashioned curb appeal). With careful planning and selection, and a quality professional installation, many new garage doors will enhance the value of your home over their cost.

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