We don’t need to explain the difficult challenges that retailers, restaurateurs, and other commercial property owners have struggled with over the past year. The future is both hopeful and still uncertain, and we are all looking for ways to sustain our businesses while preparing for the return of greater numbers of live customers. Before the pandemic, upwards of 90% of retail business passed through the doors of brick-and-mortar stores; post-COVID-19, it is hard to predict other than a full “return to normal” is unlikely for many businesses. What the “new normal” will look like is just beginning to take shape, but we can be sure the strategies for business success will need to adapt. One direction this adaptation is already moving is through addressing the security needs of the points of entry to your building, both front and back—and sometimes interior. And one of the best ways to do this is with roll-up security doors.

Business losses from theft and vandalism have risen, and the lack of effective security during these unusual times is one of the reasons. Commercial roll-up security doors are often the best solution to keep your property (both inventory and buildings) safe by reducing the risks of destructive and costly intrusions. These measures will likely lower or perhaps, in some cases, even eliminate the expenses of other security measures such as video surveillance and guards.

There are a variety of materials and styles that are available, and security doors need not make your establishment look like an uninviting fortress. They can provide restaurants and traditional storefronts an extra layer of protection while remaining virtually out of sight during business hours. They can provide pad-lockable bars for the hours when your property needs to be most secure. ADS Automatic Door Specialists has decades of experience helping scores of San Diego-area businesses with the best solutions for the look, unique needs, and cost-effectiveness of their roll-up security doors and windows. There is no one solution, but a full range of attractive options.

Surviving Insecure Times with Roll-up Security Doors - closed gate

Surviving Insecure Times with Roll-up Security Doors - open gate

Whether you need a commercial door with enhanced safety, visibility, and ventilation, or a space-saving design for high-traffic areas, no matter the size of the application, manufacturers have a variety of options to choose from. If ventilation for temperature or air quality is a concern, consider roll-up doors with built-in openings, “breathing” perforations, or curtain-style grille designs. For added light or visibility into other rooms, similar options are available. ADS Automatic Door Specialists knows them all and will help you discover the best decisions. Considered as part of an integrated system with glass overhead doors, we can walk you through creative solutions that will enhance your customers’ experience and provide efficiency for your staff’s efforts.

There is another component to this discussion that we want to address: Emergency egress. What happens when a situation develops which requires quick evacuation, or access by first responders? What can you do to keep the security door from becoming a trap or a barrier to quick medical care? In most cases, an emergency grille is the best answer, providing an automatic opening when power is shut off or an alarm is triggered to allow immediate escape. When the power is restored or the alarm system is reset, the automatic roll-up door will automatically reboot for operation. Fire egress doors will shut automatically when signaled by a fire alarm to prevent flames and smoke from spreading.

We realize there are complex business questions that will enter into your decision on security doors or grilles. ADS Automatic Door Specialists is prepared to give you straight answers to these questions and guide you through the pros and cons to help you find the best answers for your future success. We encourage you to call 858-544-5757 to start the conversation.

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