Your garage at your home in San Diego is a multifunctional space where you can park your car, work on projects or store items. Because of this, you want to have proper lighting both inside and out. This will enhance your home’s curb appeal and add some extra security to your garage and the outdoor space surrounding it. The key is to get creative so that you can stand out from other homes in your neighborhood.

Overhead Garage Door Lighting

You put these lights directly above the door to your garage. There are multiple styles and levels of brightness that you can choose from. Some people put one brighter light directly in the middle while others might opt for something like multiple recessed lights along the border of the underside of the roof that shine down on the door.

There are LED canopy lights that give you focused and bright illumination. Some of these are adjustable so that you can choose exactly what areas should get the most light. If you want lights that are not as noticeable, you might consider flush-mounted ceiling lights. These have a modern and sleek design, and they give off even illumination.

Under-Eave Lighting

These lights mount to the underside of the eaves of the ceiling of your garage. This allows for a subtle and ambient glow while also fully illuminating the area. Recessed lighting in the soffit provides a seamless look. Just make sure to pick out fixtures that can highlight the garage door by having a downward angle. LED strip lights that are waterproof can go underneath the eaves. This will enhance your garage’s architectural features while providing a continuous and soft glow.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures and Sconces

With this lighting type, you normally put one on either side of the door. This is a more subtle and elegant garage door lighting option. Consider wall-mounted fixtures that are contemporary to add some modern flair to your garage. These should match the architectural style of your home and have clean finishes and lines. Consider a lantern-style sconce if you want a more timeless and classic look. Choose a finish that matches the exterior of your garage door.

Motion Lighting

Motion lighting illuminates the area, but it is also a good way to add some additional security. Once something moves into the area that the sensors reach, the lights will come on. For a higher level of security, consider flood lights. These are especially bright so that it is easy to see exactly who or what is moving in the space. For greater energy efficiency, choose LED bulbs. There are also synchronized motion sensors. These connect to different smaller lights so that when you trigger the sensor, they create a cascading effect.

Solar-Powered Lights

Save on energy by installing solar-powered lighting for your garage door. These lights usually have a small panel on them that collects and stores energy from the sun. If you want to use this lighting, make sure that you have adequate sunlight by your garage door so that the sun can charge the lights during the day.

Solar wall lights provide soft and ambient lighting. You usually place one on either side of the garage door. They will turn on automatically at dusk. Implement some path lighting into the total lighting scheme, too. You can place these along either side of the driveway to provide additional light in the area. Since these come in a wide array of colors, shapes and themes, you can also use them for a decorative touch.

Internal Window Lighting

If there are windows as part of your garage door, you can integrate lighting inside the panels. This is a way to get some light while also providing a stylish and unique focal point. Built-in LED lights are common for this purpose because you get strips that you can shape to your windows. If your garage door is more of a contemporary style, this is an ideal choice since it is sleek and simple. You can also use customizable color options. Change the light colors for the seasons or even to reflect upcoming holidays.

Smart Lighting

Have greater control over your garage lighting with smart lights. These offer remote control, automation and customizable settings. Consider smart bulbs that you can control using voice commands or a smartphone app. You can schedule customized lighting and adjust the brightness levels. With smart outdoor lighting systems, you can change colors, program scenes and monitor energy consumption. These systems make it possible to change your garage door lighting regularly so that it is always something new and fresh.

Accent Lighting

If you want to add some style and flair to your garage door, consider some accent lighting. You can put this directly on the door or around it. Rope lights or LED strip lighting will outline your garage door for a modern and subtle accent. Up-lighting projects light upward since you install them at ground level. These will highlight your garage door’s architectural features.

Path and Step Lighting

This type of lighting should complement your main garage door lighting. It helps illuminate your driveway going up to your garage door. For example, recessed step lights sit at ground level and provide gentle illumination. These lights will not overshadow your garage door lighting, but they will work with it to make the whole area easier to see. There are also solar path markers. These help you navigate the path to your garage door since they provide subtle levels of light.

Pendant Lighting

If there is a porch or covered entry on your garage, you might want to use pendant lighting. This is both functional and stylish. Suspend the lights from the covered entry so that you control exactly where the illumination falls. You can also find matching pendant sets. These can match other lighting around your home and garage so that everything matches properly. You can also hang pendant lighting from the underside of the roof eaves. Just make sure that there is a beam to anchor them to and enough overhang so that you can properly center them.

Reflective or Glow-in the-Dark Lighting

This can go with other lighting, or it can stand alone. There is a tape that glows in the dark, so you can use it for outlining your garage door and other notable features, such as windows. You can also use reflective tape. This is more of a safety feature. Place some near the garage door to help guide vehicles in when it is dark since the headlights will illuminate the tape.

Garage Door Experts in San Diego

These lighting ideas can enhance the safety and the aesthetic of your garage and the rest of your home. Our team can help you decide on the best lighting options to meet your goals. We can also assist you with getting a new garage door as well as repair and maintenance or adding some gates to your property. Call ADS Automatic Door Specialists in San Diego today to learn more about the lighting options for your garage door.

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