Compact Vertical Stacking Aligns Door Sections in One Brilliant Solution

The amazingly popular glass sectional doors, common not only with residential garages but increasingly with commercial buildings such as restaurants, gyms, and office conference centers, has provided an excellent solution for the need to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

One obvious limitation, however, remained unsolved: the cumbersome, intrusive, and noisy assemblage that draws and secures the door sections across the ceiling. In the standard US garage, these doors usually work well. But in a commercial setting or a home setting where the garage is remodeled as a living space, a new approach was needed. And now, it’s here, and available from ADS Automatic Door Specialists.

The VeriStack Clear from Clopay has provided an answer that is simple but masterfully ingenious. Instead of pulling the full door up and across the ceiling, the sections, up to nine deep, are raised and fitted snuggly against each other in a compact assembly that leaves the ceiling nearly untouched. This not only provides a more pleasing design but pre-empts the need to reinstall electrical wiring and sprinkler pipes that would be affected by the tracks.

A Breakthrough Design in Overhead Glass Doors
These assemblies can even be recessed into the ceiling, virtually disappearing. Instead of steel cables, the VeriStack door uses a quiet, unobtrusive strap to pull the sections into position. Hinges are replaced with built-in gaskets and a weatherproof seal. The motorized opener allows several mounting possibilities. If you’re interested in custom options, consider this: The VeriStack can be fit into spaces up to 14 ft. both horizontally and vertically. A selection of four anodized colors is available, or you can choose powder coating in white, chocolate, and bronze. Windows, likewise, come in a variety of colors and textures. Sealed against wind and rain, it meets all requirements for air infiltration and is fully compliant with the Energy Conservation Code.

At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, we are always looking for product lines that fit our client’s needs, and mastering the details of new technologies that are so important to professional installation and maintenance. Consider us your VeriStack source: from your first no-pressure exploration to a fully tested installation. The brilliance of the VeriTrack sectional glass door begs the question, why didn’t anyone think of it before? At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, we’re on top of this, and excited to be at the vanguard of this breakthrough product.

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