You may have read our columns on the growing trend toward the open, free-flowing interface between indoors and outdoors created by glass overhead doors. You’ve likely experienced, or at least observed these popular installations that turn rigid windows, walls, and doors into versatile thresholds that easily and quickly provide light and fresh air to a restaurant dining experience. This basic design is now being built into many offices, foyers, gyms, and more. If properly conceived and built, they can have a transformational impact on the freedom of movement and “breathability” of our working, recreational and socializing lives.

An exciting and rapidly growing phase of this movement is the use of glass overhead doors in the home environment. We at ADS Automatic Door Specialists are increasingly called on to help homeowners, eager to have their living spaces expandable into their yards or patios, install these beautiful, secure, highly adaptable doors in place of sliding glass or traditional wood doors—or even replace most a wall. The color of the aluminum frame can be customized to the color scheme of your home. Most will choose quiet yet powerful garage door openers for ease of operation and extra security. If you have already installed a glass overhead door in your garage, adding these doors to a patio entrance is a natural step that gives enhanced integration and character to your home.

Many homeowners are rethinking traditional patios, porches, and verandas with the addition of barbeque stations, outdoor kitchens, outdoor furniture and lighting, fire pits, and integrated landscaping. Glass overhead doors are an ideal way to maximize the ease of use and the flow of foot traffic to make these expanded living spaces more naturally functional.

Getting the health-enhancing effects of being outdoors can be as simple as that—going out your door. Glass overhead doors can be viewed as a direct way to make this healthy habit a more natural, and enjoyable, part of your lifestyle. Nature viewed through a window gives its pleasures and benefits, and having a wall comprised mostly of sectional windows makes that as easy as opening your eyes and taking it in.

These ROI-boosting investments are not only for the gentrified elite. A surprisingly large majority of homeowners are considering these valuable home additions. Retiring “boomers” are especially drawn to the ways these installations expand the liveability of their homes, but they are not alone. Freedom of movement, the life-enhancing flow of sunlight and fresh air, and the exciting options of how you can use the limited square footage of your home and yard encourage many to move from “that would be nice” to “yes, we can make that happen.” Compared to the cost of a room addition or major remodel, it will usually prove more affordable and will enrich the “joie de vivre” of your daily life in equal measure.

Call ADS Automatic Door Specialists – to discuss ideas for your home. Our seasoned specialists have considerable expertise working with glass overhead doors and have established a well-earned reputation as the go-to garage door and gate specialists in the San Diego region. Let your imagination soar—and, while you’re thinking about it, call us at 858-544-5757 to explore, at no obligation, your home’s possibilities.

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