The entrance to your property or home can say a lot about you to your neighbors, friends, and anyone who may come across it. You want guests to feel welcomed and maybe even a little impressed when they approach your home for the first time!

Make A Great First Impression

There are many ways that you can take the entrance to your property from boring to fabulous, some big, some small! Whatever the size of the project, you’re sure to be asked to host wine and cheese night again after everyone sees your final product.

Throughout the process, think about how you would like to feel as you approach a friend’s house for the first time and implement that into your design for your entryway.


We’ll start at the very beginning of your entryway: the gate! As the first thing, your guests will see, the front gate must make a statement. If yours is looking a little dingy, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to give it new life.

Maybe your gate is beyond a new paint job? With an outdated entry gate, you risk your remote not working, a faulty keypad, and potential break-ins to your property.

If we’re describing your gate, it’s time to bring in the professionals. ADS Automatic Door Specialists will provide you with a wide selection of designs and materials to choose from for your brand-new gate that is sure to wow everyone that comes over.


Your pathway leads guests directly to the home and should be clean, safe, and beautiful.

Clean & Safe

Do your best to make sure your pathway is cleared of all excess leaves, rocks, and sticks. These are tripping hazards you’d hate for your guests to have to maneuver! Additionally, if there are any cracks, you should attempt to have them fixed as soon as possible.


Chances are, you might have some late nights walking up and down that pathway. This is why it’s important to keep it well-lit at night. Invest in motion-sensor lights to save energy and help with security.

Make sure you buy extra bulbs and keep them somewhere easily accessible for when you need to make a switch!


Take this opportunity to beautify the entryway with some landscaping surrounding your path. Whether you prefer hedges and bushes or flower beds, your guests will be amazed by your green thumb!


Your door is the final stop before guests enter your fabulous home, so give them something to love and remember!

Here are some ways to create an excellent doorway:
  • Paint the door a new, fun color
  • Add a festive wreath depending on the time of year
  • Hang a statement lighting fixture to gaze at from below
  • Pick out a welcoming doormat
  • Decorate with plants, pots, or figurines

Add an outdoor furniture set if you have room to entertain one or two friends on the porch.

Personalize It!

Don’t forget to have fun with this project! It’s the entrance to your home, after all, and you should be proud to live there. Add your personality to the area.

This could mean putting your family’s last name on the mailbox or welcome mat. It could also mean planting your grandmother’s favorite flowers along the path! Maybe your kids created some clay creations at school with their handprints in them that you’d like incorporated into the landscaping.

Whatever it is, it will make you feel more at home, and your guests feel like they’re stepping into a warm, inviting place.

Entryway Services in San Diego

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