Create a Seamless Merging of Indoors and Outdoors

Automatic Door Specialists continue to lead the field in innovative ways to incorporate glass garage doors into the home and workplace – even restaurants and gyms. Their versatility has ideal applications for office partitions, workshop entrances, pub patios, and much more. Their common denominator – quickly turning two spaces into one, or vice-versa. The most dramatic transformation, though, is turning indoors into outdoors, or at least making the threshold invisible.

Glass Garage Doors for Patios & Courtyards

The home design soon catches up with the ways people, like to use their living spaces, and a major trend, is large-span door systems that merge the patio and courtyard with interior living spaces. While there are many options, including the traditional sliding glass doors or accordion windows, the glass garage door offers striking advantages – rugged security and built-in safety features combined with tremendous openness, visibility, and ease of use. The grid design of these doors makes them much less prone to collisions for both people and birds and offers better protection against intruders than a large expanse of clear glass.

But it’s more than inside/outside. It is also about private vs. shared spaces, and the way a glass overhead door that raises or lowers in a matter of moments can partition the use and accessibility of an open patio or courtyard, providing multiple flows of movement. This is especially useful for inner courtyards that face multiple rooms.

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The Rising Popularity of Glass Garage Doors

These overhead door systems may seem like a luxury for the well-heeled but are increasingly popular with homeowners with the means to improve their home’s ambiance and shape their living spaces to their lifestyle. More than 70% of American homeowners aspire to install one of these door systems. The trend is dramatically upward, with a 13% increase in preference in just one year.

These doors appeal to a broad demographic but are especially popular with empty-nesters (aging boomers), who enjoy a door that can make a 1,500-square-foot home feel like a much larger one. Freedom of movement, the ability to bring in sunlight and fresh air, and the mingling of music and conversation carrying over from a kitchen or sunroom into a summer evening lounging outdoors excite those looking to re-think their home’s possibilities. The cost is generally much less than a room addition or remodel and may have a similar impact on the homeowner’s enjoyment. It also has, not unexpectedly, a favorable impact on the home’s resale value.

Glass Garage Door Installation for San Diego Homes & Businesses

Interested in installing a glass garage door? Call ADS Automatic Door Specialists – to discuss the possibilities for your home or commercial space. We have considerable expertise in this field and have even designed and installed over-lapping glass garage doors on right-angle walls. Set your California dream free. A glass garage door for your patio or yard is easier to accomplish than you may think.

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