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Next Generation Glass Overhead Doors—Transforming Restaurants, Pubs and Bistros

Pub Overhead Glass

The rapid rise of glass overhead garage doors as versatile partitions for both exterior and
interior commercial use is perhaps most commonly observed in the eatery business, with
the now-familiar aluminum frame glass garage doors (firehouse doors, as they were
originally called) replacing fixed windows and walls across the fronts of urban restaurants,
large and small. Automatic Door Specialists has been at the vanguard of this
transformation, and continues to meet new challenges with ingenuity and an experienced
sense of urban design.

There are now, however, some new approaches on how to make this trend even more of an
advantage for COVID-19-stressed businesses that rely on being attractive gathering places
for people wanting to socialize around a dining table or bar—and do so safely. This is part of
what some expect to be a long-term shift in how people socialize, especially in public
places. ADS is again at the forefront of these important innovations.

Harlan Brewing Overhead
A wide choice of ceiling-to-ground glass doors allows foot traffic directly into the restaurant,
providing a seamless interface between indoor and al fresco dining. This opens up the floor
(and sidewalk or patio) space both literally and subjectively, and, critically, provides a strong
flow of fresh air that is so vital for COVID-19 safety. These can be creatively used to expand
the dining area into a new patio that can be closed off in inclement weather or lifted fully
open on multiple sides with overlapping overheads. Another glass overhead door can open
up the main dining area, creating yet another passage of clean, purifying air through the
restaurant. Some restaurants are creating interior greenhouse-like rooms-within-rooms, with
the “walls” constructed of overhead glass doors.

Pub Overhead Glass

For bistros or shallower venues like lunch stands, a halfway down overhead door, replacing
a fixed window will seal the counter facing the sidewalk when the stand is closed or raise
up for a European-style open-air experience.

Another trendy option: A unique frameless glass overhead design providing a more
sophisticated, next-generation look that is garnering a lot of attention. Expect to see many
more of these in the near future.

All of these options can be combined in various ways, depending on your floor space and
layout, for the optimal balance of relaxed, social dining in a casual, free environment and
the heightened, and perhaps permanently shift, in public awareness of the pandemic health
risks that will continue through, at the minimum, most of this year. The aluminum frames
and the glass can be selected to match the color scheme and reflect the over-all look and
the character of your establishment.

ADS, with its years of front-line experience, can help you turn pandemic challenges into
long-term assets. With careful planning, combined with informed imagination, there are
good solutions awaiting your discovery—all as close as dialing 858-266-9563.

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