In the age of robotics and rapidly advancing AI, the now commonplace marvels of advanced apps and algorithms are quickly assimilated into our lifestyles. You expect no less from our garage door opener technologies, and your expectations would be correct. “Smart” openers have quickly moved into the garage door market, and this brief blog will introduce you to some of the more impressive and truly valuable capabilities the better models provide. ADS Automatic Door Specialists is tireless in its efforts to stay on top of, and master, all of these new developments.

LiftMaster has long been a trusted leader in its field, and its newest offering, the Secure ViewTM Garage Door Opener, has been designed to satisfy some of the very real needs common to every homeowner.

The centerpiece of these breakthroughs is a 1080p wide-angle video system, with a built-in microphone, that provides 24/7 motion detection (with night vision) and manual adjustment of 360 degrees for optimal coverage.

The audio component lets you communicate, live, with family or visitors entering your garage. A neighbor wanting to borrow a tool, for example, can be guided to its shelf location without you having to go out in the cold to help.

And, yes, this is a function that can be completed via a smartphone with the myQ app from anywhere within range of your service. It allows you to actually see what is happening in your garage at any given moment, day or night, so you can respond quickly and appropriately to any need that arises.

It gives you, the gatekeeper, the power to admit access to your garage, even from a distance. Research indicates that as much as 45% of non-resident garage entrances are from friends or neighbors, with the balance fairly evenly distributed between repair, delivery, housecleaning, and pet-sitting services. You also can provide key-free entrance to trusted individuals you may want to extend an open-door relationship without having to share physical keys.

We mentioned deliveries. The risks to property, both within your garage environment and the delivery itself, are well known. LiftMaster’s highly secure Amazon In-Garage Delivery system provides one-time keyless delivery access to your garage, where your packages will be locked inside your garage. Over one million packages have already been delivered with this system. Of course, the Secure View video feature lets you witness the delivery as though you were standing there.

These truly advanced features considerably raise the bar of personalized, real-time control and monitoring of your garage—all as part of the package of high-level, rugged dependability we’ve grown to associate with LiftMaster.

Our ADS Automatic Door Specialists are also LiftMaster specialists and can install a new opener system in short order. Call 858-544-5757—we will be glad to discuss.

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