The time has come for you to put the finishing touch on your garage! With endless styles, colors, and options, it’s never been easier to find the door that fits your personality perfectly!

We’ve put together a guide to garage door materials to help you wade through your options and choose the right one for you!



Steel garage doors are a popular choice amongst homeowners. Steel garage doors come in a wide variety of designs and are a great lightweight option for your home. These doors are low maintenance, durable, and a more affordable alternative to wood.

The main disadvantage of a steel door is that it is more likely to rust over time without proper care. Be sure to clean your garage door a few times a year to avoid corrosion.


If you’re all about a classic and gorgeous look, wood may be your material of choice! Wood used to be the top choice for garage doors but has since faded back a bit. Built-in layers to avoid warping, a wood door is a gorgeous option that provides great curb appeal for your home. Wood is also a natural insulator and has many finish options to choose from.

A wooden garage door does have its disadvantages, though. They are heavier, require regular maintenance (such as re-staining), and come with a higher price tag.

Wood Composite

Looking for the wooden look without the cost? A wood composite door will look just like the real thing for years to come! At a lower cost, the wooden composite door is lighter, and takes paint and stain just like real wood! The downside is that composite wood is easier to damage and harder to repair.


Aluminum frame garage doors take rust out of the equation! This lightweight material makes it easier to install and, as it puts less strain on the springs and connections, these garage doors have a longer lifespan.

The softer material does make it more susceptible to dents and scratches, though. So if you’re a rough driver, this may not be the material for you.


From light to even lighter, fiberglass doors are a great, airy option for a garage door. Fiberglass will not corrode, wick moisture, and its durability will keep you from having to invest in recurring repairs. The semi-translucent material allows more light into the garage but can be easily painted with a dark color for more privacy.

Amarr Elite

At ADS Automatic Door Specialists, we pride ourselves on installing only the best brands for our customers! This is where our friends at Amarr Elite come in! They are one of the world’s leading garage door brands and their high-quality, safe, and durable doors prove that. They are constantly adapting their products to keep up with style changes and new developments of materials, never compromising on quality.

From traditional carriage house doors to sleek and modern designs to match contemporary homes, Amarr has got every homeowner covered and we are the team to get your garage door job done!

Our Services

No matter which style suits your fancy, ADS Automatic Door Specialists is prepared to turn your garage door dreams into a reality. In addition to installation, our technicians are prepared to fit your garage with the perfect garage door opener for you.

Beyond all your installation needs, we want to keep your home and family safe. Just like your furnace or plumbing system, your garage door requires regular maintenance to ensure it is working properly.

Get ahead of your maintenance appointments by scheduling with us online today! If you have questions about our services or which garage door is right for your home, give us a call at 858-544-5757.

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